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The Dog

The dog is there snoring

happily when I fall asleep.

His fur is soft and warm,

and his presence scares

the bad dreams away.

But when I wake up he

has long since walked away

to either sleep somewhere else

or to begin a long day

of doing dog things.

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KONOSUBA -God’s blessing on this wonderful world! season 2 (2017) anime review

konosuba-posterThis is a continuation of the first season of KONOSUBA. If you have not yet watched the first season you should watch that one before watching this season. When Kazuma Satou died he was given two choices; either be resurrected in his own world as an infant or go to another world to defeat a great evil in his own body. He chooses the second choice and is able to bring any weapon that can aid him in his quest. He chooses Aqua, the goddess who has been telling him all of these things and the two of them end up in this other world as underleveled adventurers.

Screenshot (174)The humour in this series is always fantastic, and this season is no different. The characters find themselves in a lot of strange situations. The interesting thing is that these characters are highly unlikable which actually adds to the humour of many of the jokes. Between this season and the last there has been a slight decrease in the quality of the animation, but this is one of the few series that this does not matter. The poor quality of the animation actually acts in the benefit of KONOSUBA.

Screenshot (175)I recommend this series to anyone who likes funny fantasy series. I also recommend this season to anyone who was a fan of the first season. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. You can find this series on CrunchyRoll to watch.

Final Rating – 47/50

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The Rememberer – Chapter 6

“Won’t you sit down?” The bald man asked her. “We have so much to talk about and I would hate for you to be sore afterwords. Good. Good. Now let us begin.” He smiled showing off what Rowan believed were sharpened teeth and a split tongue. This man looked almost reptilian except for when his mouth was closed and he looked perfectly normal.

“I am Edmund Skyscale though you can call me Edmund. I’m the head of the Council of the Hidden in this area.”

“The hidden?” Rowan looked at him blankly. A couple of the other members glanced at him briefly out of worry.

“Yes. The hidden. You may not realize this but there are creatures other than humans in this world who are both sentient and humanoid. Some people call us monsters, others myths. We live among humans and hide ourselves to keep ourselves safe.” He sighed loudly. “God. I sound like someone from a poorly written supernatural romance novel. I’m sorry we expected that you would already know this stuff. I certainly didn’t expect you to know nothing.”

“I don’t understand.” She stammered.

“I didn’t expect you to. It is a lot to take in all at once.”

“That’s impossible. I’m sure I’m just being pranked. I should probably go.” She stood and backed up to the door.

“Who would have pranked you?” A woman asked. She had long white hair and her eyes were covered with a scarf. She removed the scarf revealing bright purple eyes. “It certainly wouldn’t have been the man you call father. He doesn’t even know where you live. He believes you live in a better place than you actually do. It’s not like you have anyone else either. Humans tend to be scared of you. So who could be prank in you?”

“Scar.” Ordered Edmund. “Stop scaring the poor girl.”

“That is all stuff you could have learned through a little research.” Rowan exclaimed. “It means nothing.”

“Is it? Sorry I had no idea.” Scar chuckled.

A woman with bright red hair stood up. Flames jumped behind her eyes, or so it seemed. She held a hand up and it erupted in flame. “Please don’t go.” She begged. “We need you to help us.”

“Pyra.” Warned Edmund. “There is absolutely no reason to scare the poor girl.”

“If only there were more qualified people in this area. Than I wouldn’t need to deal with things like this.” He mumbled to himself.

“Hey.” An unremarkable woman with grey hair and blue eyes exclaimed. “We are more than qualified.” She looked at Rowan and smiled. “I hope my little Albin treated you well.”

Rowan still stood staring at this bizarre group of people. “How… How is that possible? No one should be able to do that.” She finally managed to say.

“How is this so unbelievable.” Asked a man with brown hair and gloved hands. “From what I understand you aren’t a stranger to strangeness.”

“B… but how?”

“Now look what you’ve done.” Edmund mumbled to himself. Aloud he addressed Rowan. “We are the hidden of course this is possible. Scarlet is a see of sorts. Pyra is a phoenix, and believe it or not but Greg here is a Memory Thief. I understand that you’re able to read the memories of objects. Is this correct?”

“I mean I do see strange things whenever I touch old objects. But that’s not normal. Im delusional. There is no way I’m one of you.”

“Yet you are. In fact you are one of the most prized type of hidden in our society. You are a rememberer.”

“A what?”

“A rememberer.” He replied.

“Is that even a word?”

“Of course it is. It’s just not a very common word. Essentially you are able to read the memories of objects, but you can’t read the memories of humans, any living creatures, or anything that was alive within a year ago. Your kind usually acts as private investigators, police; and help keep our society from turning chaotic. At least you did until 40 years ago.” He explained. 

“What happened 40 years ago?”

“Something terrible. An entire family of rememberers were found murdered in their own home. A few days later it happened to another family and then another. The remaining rememberers went into hiding. We have been unable to find any to help us solve this case. That is until now of course.” Edmund smiled. “And that is where you come in. We want you to use your abilities to find the killer or killers. We will pay you handsomely.”

“I don’t know if I can even do what you want, but I’ll at least try.”

“Good. Then we have a deal.” He held his hand out. The other Council members watched with interest.

Rowan stared at his hand with minor amazement.  When she noticed everyone else watching she grabbed his hand firmly and shook once. “We have a deal.” 

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Amateur Writing Tip: Use Writing Prompts

If you don’t know what to write or you have a bad case of writer’s block you can use writing prompts. Prompts give you something to write about and depending on the prompt they can even help you become a better writer by forcing you to write about something you wouldn’t normally write about. They come in word, picture, and video form, though they are most often written out. You can Google search writing prompts and you will get a lot of prompts to choose from. You can also get books filled with them. One of the best ways to get writing prompts is by participating in weekly challenges because then the decision of which prompt to use is made for you.

You could also come up with writing prompts on your own. You can put them all in a notebook, a computer folder, or in a duotang. To make it fun and random put all your prompts on small pieces of paper and put them all in a jar. When you need a prompt all you have to do is reach into the jar and take one piece of paper out and use the prompt on that piece of paper.

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Ao Oni The Blue Monster (2016) anime review

81430Hiroshi and his friends enter a mansion that is said to be haunted outside of town. Their only goal is to have a test of courage, however they end up getting trapped there by a blue monster known as Ao Oni. Now they must solve all the puzzles left for them by Ao Oni in order to escape the mansion with their lives.

Screenshot (172)This is a series based off a video game which I have never played. I think it’s a mix of horror and a puzzle game from what I’ve seen. In most of the episodes Hiroshi and his friends end up dying and the jokes made through these bizarre ways they are killed off are pretty funny. However this is a series of shorts and you will most likely not enjoy it. I do not recommend this series to anyone.

Final Rating – 24/50

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Worldbuilding Tip: Disease

Diseases can be a major part of any world because they can do a lot of damage to a population of people. Epidemics such as the black plague helped change the flow of history and influenced certain events. It is possible that even if you don’t show any people infected with diseases directly in your story that they are at least a major part of your world’s history.

There is a good chance that diseases or any other illness don’t ever show up in your stories. If they do it is a good idea for you to research diseases especially if you want to use a real disease in your story. It is a good thing to remember that symptoms are caused by either the body trying to fight off infection such as with a high fever, or directly caused by the disease fighting against the body.

You may choose to make up your own disease. Just try to make the symptoms make sense. You also may want to decide how the people in your world view diseases and people infected with them. Some diseases such as leprosy have historically caused a lot of discrimination because people fear catching such diseases even if there is next to no chance of them doing actually catching anything by interacting with those infected.