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A City Dreaming book review

29348069If you go to Goodreads or any other source that can give you this novels description and then read A City Dreaming you will find that much of what the description describes doesn’t actually happen until the end of the novel. The protagonist is M, a sorcerer with untold power but who is also a drifter, hipster, and slacker living in Brooklyn. After five years abroad he returns to New York where he catches up with old friends, gets in and out of magic based trouble multiple times, and maybe even saves the world.

The first thing you will notice when reading this book is that each chapter is less like a chapter but more like a series of short stories that share the same characters and timeline but little other than that. There is an obvious beginning and end to the main story, but if you are looking at each chapter individually you will find that very little of what happens in these chapters in the middle of the novel connects to the conclusion at all. To some people this can be offputting, but personally I find this way of storytelling pretty interesting especially since this story structure allows people who don’t have much time to read books to read a chapter at a time without worrying much about connecting details. This is definitely not a book to be read all at once.

When I first met M within the first couple of chapters in A City Dreaming I instantly thought that he was going to be a boring character who thought about little else than sex, money, and drugs (all of which show up a lot in the novel). As I continued reading however I discovered that though he was forced into many of the adventures he went on in these chapters.

This is a good book to read if you don’t have much time to read books. You can read it over a few days or a few years because of the way the story is formatted. All in all I liked this book. Just a quick warning it can get very adult so don’t give it to your kids to read.

Final Rating – 44/50

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KADO: The Right Answer (2017) anime review

ac6d2494650531e9a04a904c644bb8781491428941_fullKojirou Shindou s a government official and a master negotiator. One day while going on a business trip his plane is engulfed by a giant cube that suddenly materializes. Surprisingly both he, the plane, and the people inside are unharmed. The being inside the cube which is known as Kado is named Yaha-kui zaShunina. He claims to be from the anisotropic, a place outside the universe. Shindou then takes the job of a lifetime as the negotiator between the anisotropic and the human race.

Screenshot (251)The first thing you will notice is the fact that the majority of this series is animated using CGI. This form of animation has not been well received in the past, but here it is done extremely well. I think that is mainly because this is a series with only a very small amount of action so more time can be put into deciding how the characters move so that the animation doesn’t look wonky. The characters are interesting and well thought out. The plot delves into actual science in order to describe the anisotropic and how actual people would respond to such a bizarre thing happening. Almost everything about this series is well done.

Screenshot (250)I recommend this anime to anyone who wants to watch a different anime as well to anyone who likes anime in general. My only complaint with KADO is in its conclusion, something that a lot of people did not like. Hopefully this becomes a classic.

Final Rating – 48/50

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2017 Fall Anime Season First Look – Part 4

Screenshot (247)March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2

Season 2 starts with an episode showing how far Rei has come in regards to his school life. There’s not much to say other than that March Comes in Like a Lion is an amazing series dealing with mental health and illness, grief, and human relationships. It is both heartwarming and heartwrenching and if you have yet to watch the first season you should go and watch it now.

Screenshot (248)A Sister’s All You Need

The opening scene was immensely creepy then it was revealed that it was only a story that the apparent protagonist wrote. At this point it became a little bit creepy. The last scene contrasted with this a lot because it added depth to a couple of the characters. There was also a game played in the middle of the episode which showed off the personalities of some of the characters even if these personalities consist of being sex crazed, being obsessed with little sisters, and being your stereotypical accomplished writer. I will keep watching because of the last scene but I will most likely stop soon unless it stops being so creepy.

Screenshot (249)KONOHANA KITAN

This is a cute anime about a fox girl who goes to work at a hot springs hotel. The characters are interesting and the plot gives a Hanasoku Iroha vibe, but I don’t think it will become anything but cute.

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2017 Fall Season Anime First Look – Part 3

Here’s part 3 of my first 2017 fall anime first look post. This time I’ll be writing about 4 series instead of only 3 because one of them is a series of shorts.

Screenshot (243)Recovery of an MMO Junkie

From the first episode alone I know that this is going to be an adorable series with interesting dynamic characters. The main character is a NEET who has quit her job in order to play MMO’s all the time. She starts a new game in an MMO she has never played before and fails until she meets a girl with pink hair ingame who helps her out. Also she is playing a male character and the pink haired girl is apparently played by a guy which will make for some interesting romance. This series takes the video game anime trope and does something new with it.

Screenshot (244)Food Wars! The Third Plate

I have to admit that I watched the entire first two season before I even started the first episode of Third Plate. Like the rest of the series this looks like it’ll have delicious looking food, more food fights, and more food related extreme reactions. Just remember that since this series goes over the top and sexual for many of its reactions, you may want to watch this series either muted which I don’t recommend because there is some good music, or through headphones so no one misunderstands what you are watching.

Screenshot (245)Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

This looks like it’ll be an interesting series with interesting characters and a good story. I already like it more than Black Clover. Arsene steals a girl with acid skin in order to protect her from an evil organization. This is an interesting concept and I hope it is done well. Also using actual historical characters in a steampunk world is a good touch. I also love how there’s a talking dog who is adorable.

Screenshot (246)Onyankopon

This is obviously a children’s anime so I don’t think I’ll watch this series much further. There is a dance and a song and a weird issue two students are going through which is solved by a cat yokai. Also it is all CGI animation which is rarely done well.

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Fall 2017 Anime Season First Look – Part 2

This is the continuation of the last first look post I did last Saturday. Today I’ll go over my first impressions of three different series so that I can move on to the next three and also so I can continue watching some pretty good shows. I’m not really theming these posts, but I guess I cover three of the darker shows I watched.



By watching the first episode I know that this series has potential to be a good anime series if it covers the ethical issues of what is going on and developing the characters so that they aren’t jerks throughout the entire series. However because of the animation studio that is producing EVIL OR LIVE I have a feeling that it will most likely be another bad series because the studio also made such series as Cheating Craft which got boring than wierd among others.

Screenshot (241)Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful world- animated series

This is an interesting series. I have yet to watch the original series but still I found myself liking and knowing these characters. This may be because there are two characters in the first episode who will appear in later episodes and one of them is a talking motorcycle. The animation is good, the self contained plot within this episode was well written, even the world building was good despite the country that Kino was visiting was never named. This will a series that I follow constantly week to week.


There isn’t really much to say about this series other than its cast is made up of human versions of all the zodiac animals, but I already know that this will be one of my favourite series this season. It’s dark, the characters each have their own distinct personalities and the animation is incredible. I can’t wait until I can watch the rest of the series.

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Useful Things to Have on Hand During NaNoWriMo

Here’s a list of things you may find useful to have nearby as you are writing your novel.

  • Reference notes – These can either be written before you start writing your novel or during. Reference notes allow you to keep descriptions consistent throughout the entire story making the editing process at least somewhat easier later on. Every time you find yourself describing something new add it to your notes.
  • Dictionary/Thesaurus – because you never know when you may need either one. You don’t need physical copies, you can also use google or phone apps.
  • Open NaNoWriMo Website – If you are planning on writing the minimum amount of words per day for NaNoWriMo you will find the novel stats page to be very helpful since there’s a graph that shows you whether or not you are going at a good pace and that general stats section tells you how much you have written that day. Also keeping the page open means that you can update your wordcount more frequently which is not needed but makes it so you are less likely to update your wordcount later.
  • Something to Backup your Novel on – One thing you do not want is to be almost done writing the first draft of your novel when your file becomes corrupted or your computer dies causing you to lose all your work. To prevent the loss of all your work back it up using a program such as Google Drive or by using an external hard drive or USB stick. Just a quick warning, do not write your novel on a file already on a USB stick. The more times you insert one into a USB drive the more likely it is that the files on it will become corrupted. I know this from personal experience. Safely removing USB sticks only makes this less likely to happen.
  • Food/drink – You want to stay both nourished and hydrated while you are writing. Make sure you have at least some water on hand as well as something small to eat.
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The Seven Deadly Sins season 1 (2014-2015) anime review

65409The Holy Knights of Britannia use powerful magic to protect the region of Britannia and its surrounding kingdoms. A small group of these knights supposedly betrayed their homeland when they launched a coup d’etat against the kingdom of Liones. It is said that they were supposedly killed by the Holy Knights, but rumours still persist of their survival. Now after the Holy Knights took over Liones from its rightful King, it is the duty of the Third Princess of Liones Elizabeth to find the Seven Deadly Sins and take back her kingdom.

Screenshot (238)This is a fun series where the main goal of the protagonist is to save her kingdom by looking for seven legendary knights. She finds the first one in the first episode, and a new knight is found every few episodes. However in the end she doesn’t find all the knights before reaching her goal. The series ends in a good spot with set up for a second season. The animation is pretty good, though I’m not really a fan of the old-fashioned anime art style used for the characters. The fight scenes are really good, and entertaining. This is a good series for the most part.

I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys fantasy anime with quest plotlines. I can’t wait until there is an actual second season of this series. You can watch it on Netflix.

Final Rating – 39/50