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Amateur Writing Tip: Write Notes After Each Segment of Writing

When writing a longer story there is a good chance that you may notice problems with the plot, setting, and characters. If you find problems as you write it is best to wait until the next draft to fix them completely. You can adjust further segments to make it work, but you should not rewrite the current segment until later. I am defining a segment of a story as a scene. You can also use acts or chapters.

In order to remember the problems you found while writing later when you revise the draft and write the next draft all you have to do is take notes between segments. These notes can be as detailed or rough as you want, but they should tell you what you need to fix. When I write these notes I use stream of consciousness to describe what needs to be changed and/or fixed and how I can go about doing that.

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Worldbuilding Tip: Industry

Any economy needs industries to survive. An industry is the production of goods and services within an economy. There are many types of industry. There are those that deal with collecting and producing raw resources such as lumber or metals, there are those that manufacture those raw materials into new products, there are those that provide services such as selling products and providing transportation, and there are those that don’t fit cleanly into any of those other groups such as tourism.

Which industries do the economies in your world rely on? The geography and traditions of the countries in your world will influence which industries they depend upon. A coastal country with a lot of rivers will rely more on fishing than anything else. A mountainous country may not be able to rely on other industries such as lumber or farming, and will instead rely on mining and quarrying stone. The main industry also influences the traditions and culture of people within the country.

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Pixel Art

This week I am trying to follow my schedule as best I can. Not only this but I’m also trying to write almost all my posts for July and August by the end of June which I am no where close to doing. To do this I’ll need to write several posts a day and while it is possible for me to do I can make no promises. Even if I can’t get all the posts completed I can at least try to at least have a few posts each day.

Anyways something else that I’ve been trying to do is make pixel arts of each of my characters so I can try something new with plotting. This shouldn’t be that hard, but it will take a while as I don’t have many characters fully designed. This will also help me in designing my characters because I’ll know what does and does not work with their designs and it is possible I may come up with new ideas.

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The Collector

An eagle sits atop a wall staring out away from the building it guards. Behind the stone bird was an old house where a collector once lived. He travelled far and wide to gather the most intriguing artifacts and bring them all back to join his ever filling house. Despite everything he still somehow managed to keep everything organized according to which continent he found them, something which he took a lot of pride in.

His prized possession was that eagle which once sat atop a different wall in Rome. He kept it outside so that everyone could see it, and he kept it facing outwards so it would be able to see any would be thieves.

However he later found that he should have had the bird facing inwards so that it could watch him.

He died not that long ago. Archaeologists and museum curators took his collection and gave everything new homes where they would be safe and where people could see and learn about their history. The people who took his collection all called him a thief, but to this man he wasn’t stealing anything. Instead he built a hobby out of collecting new friends.

This story is for Sunday Photo Fiction where writers must write a story based on a prompt which is around 200 words long. More information can be found here. Other stories for this challenge can be found here.

Photo comes from A Mixed Bag.

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Common Symbols: Dragon

Dragons were originally depicted worldwide as serpents, but during the middle ages dragons began being depicted with legs similar to a lizards. Western dragons are traditionally described as living in rivers or caves, having a thick armour-like hide, and never flying despite often being depicted with wings. Western dragons are usually evil creatures who are greedy and hoard gold and other treasures in their caves. This is due to them being demonized due to the rise of Christianity in Europe. Many dragons before this were seen as benevolent creatures such as Y Ddraig Goch or the Red Dragon of Wales. The two headed dragon is often seen as a symbol of the division between the Eastern and Western Roman Empires.

Russian dragons are similar to hydras in the fact that they have three heads and if each one isn’t cut off at the same time they will grow back. Other Russian dragons most likely symbolize the Mongols and other peoples of the steppes.

In Asian dragons especially those found in Indian mythology often have their roots in religion. In the early Vedic religion, Vritra or “the enveloper” was the personification of drought. Chinese dragons are amalgamations of all the other Chinese Zodiac animals. For instance a Chinese dragon has the body of a snake and the front legs of a rooster. In Japan most dragons are water deities associated with rainfall and bodies of water. In Vietnam dragons bring rain.

Dragons in modern media are either described as being benevolent and wise, greedy and cruel, or creatures of mass destruction. Another description has been gaining prevalence as of late. Dragons are now being described as being lonely and misunderstood more and more.

This post barely goes into depth with any of the dragons I have described, and I even ended up skipping a couple. There are many dragons described in myths around the world and each one is different in its symbolism than the last. Keep this in mind when writing dragons as symbols in your stories.


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Flashbacks used to Contrast the Present

I just finished watching Stranger Things which I understand has been out for a while but I just had to not do what everyone else was doing and ignore it when it first came out. I noticed something along with the amazing shot composition and the 80’s horror movie feel it gave off. This has to do with when and where flashbacks are placed and which scenes they can be found in.

One of the first times I noticed this was shortly after Will Byers disappeared and his mother, Joyce Byers was looking for him. This scene starts off with a flashback of Joyce entering his fort out in the woods. If you listen closely to the conversation the two characters have it is clear that Joyce is very understanding of Will’s interests which most people would have seen as weird or stupid at the time and both characters are happy. It is clear that the two have a very good relationship.

Then the flashback cuts back to the present where Joyce enters the fort to find Will not there. This contrast gives a feeling of absence and magnifies the sadness and panic Joyce feels at this moment.

Flashbacks can be used to not only contrast between the past and present for certain characters, but they can also be used to show similarities between different events. This happens in Stranger Things when Jim Hopper is going into the Upside Down Place with Joyce. First he sees himself telling his daughter to breath when she has an asthma attack which he connects to telling Joyce to breathe slowly in the present. Later when the two find Will, Jim sees the strange tube in the boy’s throat and it reminds him of the tube coming out of his daughters throat when she was in the hospital. When Jim does CPR on Will, it reminds him of how the doctors and nurses at the hospital tried to resuscitate his daughter after she flatlined. With the third flashback in this episode the flashback contrasts with the present slightly in the fact that Will survives and Jim’s daughter does not.

These flashbacks add a lot of emotion to scenes which would have only been a little bit creepy. Not only this but these flashbacks also give insights as to the thoughts and pasts of the characters. This show is not one where thoughts are regularly given voice especially with the adult characters and these flashbacks help watchers of the show to better understand these characters.

This is just something I found interesting while watching Stranger Things. This is definitely something I could use in my writing though in a different way as it is used in the show because of the different in mediums. I can’t wait until season two comes so that it can clear up the one loose end of the series.