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WordPress Anniversary

So apparently yesterday was my two year anniversary for when I first made an account on this site. I know I made this blog shortly after and made it private so that I could get some work done on it before actually writing my first post. When I finally wrote my first post I know it wasn’t good or interesting. It was just something I wanted to get out there and I think that that’s the main spirit of this blog. I watch something, or write a poem, or see something out in the world and I want to tell people about these things, but that is kind of hard when you are not a person who easily makes friends.

But then last year in May I decided that I would officially start writing posts at least weekly so that my blog could grow and I think that plan has worked for the most part despite some minor failings on my part. At the moment I have about 125 followers on here, 132 followers on Twitter, and 26 followers on Tumblr. By the way out of all of these I have stopped browsing Tumblr about a year ago so if you are trying to interact with me through Tumblr I’m sorry but I most likely won’t answer you.

I just hope that there can be at least as much growth this upcoming year as there was last year.

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Pixel Art

This week I am trying to follow my schedule as best I can. Not only this but I’m also trying to write almost all my posts for July and August by the end of June which I am no where close to doing. To do this I’ll need to write several posts a day and while it is possible for me to do I can make no promises. Even if I can’t get all the posts completed I can at least try to at least have a few posts each day.

Anyways something else that I’ve been trying to do is make pixel arts of each of my characters so I can try something new with plotting. This shouldn’t be that hard, but it will take a while as I don’t have many characters fully designed. This will also help me in designing my characters because I’ll know what does and does not work with their designs and it is possible I may come up with new ideas.

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I’m Going to Learn an Instrument, Eventually

You may have noticed that there have been some random gaps in my posting schedule over the past two weeks. he main reason for this is that I’ve been creating a backlog of posts which will cover the entire summer. I’ll be taking field school over then so I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post. Last time I went MIA for a couple of months I lost daily views until I would only get about 10 views per month. I don’t want that to happen again. I want this blog to grow and evolve as I come up with new ideas, and never stop doing that. I also want this blog to be of use and interest to the people who read it.

In other news I have finally decided to do something that I’ve always wanted to do; learn how to play an instrument. I regret to say that I’ve always been a little bit jealous of people who could play instruments because I never got the chance to learn an instrument. My high school didn’t have a band and with cadets I ended up taking a different path than learning how to march in a military band. I got a toy guitar for Christmas when I was younger and I enjoyed pretending to play songs with it until the cats broke it literally the next day when my family was out celebrating boxing day (because of course the cats had to break it). After that I never took lessons other than learning how to play a couple songs on the recorder during elementary school.

I decided that I will learn how to play either the harmonica or piano. You can get a decent beginners harmonica for cheap on Amazon and there is a small keyboard piano I used to fool around with with my sister when we were younger that may still be floating around. I haven’t used it in forever because the cord broke. Of course there is still a chance that I will choose a different instrument. They all seem so interesting to me.

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Quick Blog Update

I was thinking about my serial story which I post on Thursdays and I’ve decided that I’m going to rewrite all the already written chapters and plan all the rest. I don’t feel like what I’ve already written tells a compelling story and I find the worldbuilding weak. I don’t know if I should privatize those chapters until I rewrite them, but I might end up doing that.

Also I’ve decided that I’m going to publish a book review each Monday as I had planned for the start of this month. Instead of planning out which reviews are published which week I will be publishing reviews on books that I had read in the past week (or further if they’re scheduled).

Other than those two things I will pretty much be doing the same thing that I’ve been doing all month. I have had success with my schedule and at the time I see no problems with it.

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Pseudonym question

The book review I was going to write today is going to be delayed because I wasn’t able to finish the book in time. I don’t know when I’ll end up posting it. I’ll try to complete the book for next Monday’s review by Thursday. I may end up dropping the weekly book review posts in June to make it easier on me.

I am still going to try to complete one story this week and I have decided that it will be the story I mentioned last week because I have recently come up for a great idea for that particular story. On the side I will be participating in writing blog challenges involving picture prompts. I have already entered a few and I have found that they help me get hyped up for working on larger projects. They are also fun.

I have been thinking about whether or not to use a pseudonym for my future publication submissions just because of some of my future plans. This is mainly because of the things I tend to write about have very little to do with my chosen area of study. I don’t want these two of my plans for the future to clash in any way. But if I end up using a pseudonym what name would I use? I don’t know but it would have to be something with some meaning for me because I don’t want to go on the random name generator on behindthename dot com to find a good name. I guess that I’ll just need to think about this for while longer, though I do have to decide before my next publication submission.

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Writing Plans

A couple of weeks ago I made a list on my phone of all of my ongoing projects. The list is rather long containing several short stories and a total of four novel-length ideas. I have been putting off all these projects since high school and now I finally want to complete some of them. This means that I have to find places where I can submit my work and I need to start writing on a more regular basis.

I have subscribed to some writing newsletters that will give me a list of anthologies, journals, and magazines that are looking for submissions. I don’t know if any of my stories will be accepted by anything, but I need to at least try. But in order for my work to be accepted into a publication I need to actually write.

I have decided that starting next week I will focus on completing one story a week throughout May and June. This week I will be working on my subtle blog overhaul by scheduling posts, creating banners, and editing menus and pages. I don’t know which story I’ll end up completing next week but right now I am leaning towards finishing a story I am currently calling “The Silent City”. This is a darker story, but with what I have already written I should be able to complete it quickly.

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A quick note…

Tomorrow my first piece of fiction written specifically for this blog will go up. For it I am trying something new. The goal of this story is to improve my writing abilities. It’s a part of a series and is something I would describe as mysterious contemporary fantasy. Technically that is what the Dresden Files are classified as, but whatever.

On Saturday since I was unable to watch a movie to review and I’m busy for the next few days I am releasing the second part of this series. I guess that’s a good thing because you don’t have wait as long for the next part after tomorrow’s cliffhanger.

I hope you enjoy.