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My Plans for the Future of Ruminated Scrawlings

Over the past week I’ve been thinking about my blog and how I should celebrate my future follower milestones. At the moment I have 185 followers making my next actual milestone 200 followers. I don’t have a clue what I’ll be doing then and I don’t know when I’ll meet that milestone since I’m not exactly the most consistent blogger out there. I did just go a full week with only 3 posts not including this one when my whole thing is posting something each day.

One of the things I can do to make my blog more consistent is to move to a different niche. Right now my niche if anything that has to do with fiction and to be fair that is a very broad category. If I were to change this theme I would make it narrower. Maybe only focusing on the writing aspect of fiction. That isn’t something I want to do though since I still want to be able to tell people how I feel about the movies and anime I watch, the books I read, and the games I play. I still don’t have anyone IRL to talk to about these things and I’ll have you know thinking about things that you don’t tell anyone else is not a fun thing to do.

Anyways that whole last paragraph, that was me just trying to say that I don’t intend to change anything about my blog other than making my posting schedule more consistent and posting on Twitter more often. That wasn’t even the purpose of this post. That was simply me thinking aloud (though not actually out loud since this is in writing).

Anyways the main purpose of this post was to announce the ways I have decided to celebrate my future follower milestones. Since one thing I’m good at is thinking up down to earth fantasy plots I’ve decided that from now until the end of this blog I’ll be publishing an original story every 250 WordPress followers I get. These will be stories that I’ve written at least 2 drafts in and some of them may be published in parts over a few weeks. Some of these stories will be connected to my other unpublished works, and some will be 100% original.

Screenshot (25)
This is just to show how much I appreciate the people who follow my blog

The next milestone I’ll be writing a story for is 250 followers. I’m only 65 followers away from that goal which will give me some time to write out the story I have in mind as well as edit and revise it. I want to celebrate 200 followers as well but I don’t know how I’m going to do that. At least I have some time to think about what I’m going to do.

Anyways here’s my post. If you were wondering about my writing lesson for this past week I’ll be publishing it on Wednesday at 8am EST before I publish my lesson for this upcoming week. I guess I end my post here.

Thank you for reading.

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Blog Update and Coldest Night of the Year Fundraising

I just wanted to write this post to explain my plans for the near future of Ruminated Scrawlings. My current plan is to write at least five posts per day. This does seem like a lot until I remember that my posts take an average of half an hour to actually write, and the only reason why this average is so high is because sometimes I don’t feel like writing and end up breaking my own rule. In truth I think about what I’m going to write in a post long before I actually write the post so it all comes down to how fast I can type. I also have a half decent internal editor which means that I don’t need to spend a lot of time making sure that everything is spelled correctly and grammar is used the right way.

As for the second part of this post, I’m participating in a fundraising event called Coldest Night of the Year. This is a Canadian event where many people all over the country raise money to support organizations that help people in need. During the winter, especially a cold winter like this one the people who suffer the most are people who don’t have the money to pay their heating bills, don’t have enough food, and/or lack a place to call home. I have already shared this link on my personal Facebook since I started fundraising in December (though in truth no one donated until January because Facebook sucks). I would be happy if you could donate at least a couple of dollars to this cause. If you don’t want to donate because you either don’t live in Canada or you would prefer to support people closer to you I would recommend that you donate something to a food bank or find another fundraising event similar to this one. Here’s the link to my fundraising page.

Thank you for reading this post.

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2018 Post Banner Showcase

I’m done with all but one of my banners and that one’s for the top of the blog so I’m not too worried about it not being in this post. The whole point of this post is to show off all the banners that will be used throughout 2018 as well as uploading them all together so that they will be easier to find as I upload more images. Let’s get started.

Update banner 2018

In 2017 whenever I wrote an update post it didn’t have a banner. For 2018 I want all posts to have a corresponding banner. That is why I made this update banner. I was going for a safety vest type of look with orange and yellow and an “x”, but unfortunately the software I was using to make all these banners wouldn’t allow me to rotate rectangles. I’m glad that I went with this though. It looks so much better than what I had originally planned.

Poetry Banner 2018

Fiction banner 2018

I had the same idea for both my fiction an poetry banners, however I wanted them to be a little bit different hence the differences in colour and font. I also wanted banners for both the types of writing I typically post to this blog so for 2018 there won’t be a blanket “writing” banner.

Lessons from an Amateur Writer banner 2018

Here’s my writing tip series for this year. I plan to post one of these every week, and for every month these posts will have a theme. In January the theme is characters. Because of this I decided to end my worldbuilding tip posts because that will eventually become a topic. I also don’t know what I was going for here, but I think it looks okay.

Fictional Analysis Banner 2018

I will be posting a fictional analysis post every Thursday. I like this banner. It uses my two favourite colours and looks cool. I feel like these will be fun posts to write, especially since one of my original goals during the revival of this blog was to write fictional analysis. Plus the ones I’ve posted in the past are by far my most popular posts. I’m excited to see how they’ll be received. I have also challenged myself by making it so that I only write two anime related analysis a month.

Now on to the review banners.

Book Review Banner 2018

I went for something a little more simple for this banner. I will be posting a book review every Monday.

Movie Review banner 2018

This is one of my favourite banners so far. I went for an old black and white movie appearance. I got the idea for the black and white from the font. I will be posting a movie review every Saturday.

Anime Review banner 2018

This is one of my least favourite banners, but I didn’t know what else to do so here’s the banner. I’ll be posting an anime review every Tuesday and Friday.

Video game review banner 2018

Originally I was basing this banner off the platformer genre in general but after I saw how awful that looked I changed to pong despite the fact that I will not be reviewing any games released before 1990 so I’m never going to be reviewing pong. The reason I’m doing this is because I prefer story rich games and early video games never had much of a story. I will be posting a video game review every two weeks. This is because these posts will take the longest time to produce out of all my review posts. Also expect a simple game about once a month. I will not only be reviewing long games with awesome stories.

So here are all my banners for 2018. I am able to change them still as I still have the window open with all the non JPEG versions of the banners. I will be closing the window on the fifth of January so if you want to give me your feedback about any changes I can make feel free to give it now.

Today I’m going to watch Star Wars for the second time so I won’t be writing many posts until tomorrow, but I will be writing them before they are scheduled to be posted. Everyone have an awesome New Year.

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Final Blog Update Before Christmas

Yesterday I both finished my last exam and handed in my last assignment so for a couple of weeks I’ll be free to write and blog as much as I want. Earlier I said that I would make my return on December 12th. I guess I was wrong about that. Usually when I head into exam season I have at least a few days where I don’t have to study so I spend t them writing, blogging, and doing other things that I call blogging but other people’ll call fooling around. That didn’t happen this year because there was a strike at my University which lasted a couple of weeks so rather than extending exam season into Christmas they just condensed it so I had about a week to do what I would normally have two weeks to complete. Whatever. I managed.

So I have decided to do a minor blog overhaul in 2018. This means new banners for post types, new types of posts, and a new schedule. I have yet to decide if I’ll also post the schedule at a later date, so I don’t know if you’ll know my new schedule which I already created for the new year. It doesn’t matter much because its essentially the same schedule I had loosely for almost a year. I will still be trying to post something each day, however this time I have decided to schedule posts way ahead of time. The posts that I’ll be scheduling ahead of time include poems, reviews, and fiction. So basically things that I would have wanted to write ahead of time anyways. I’ll also try to write things closer to the posting date so that there isn’t this huge disconnect.

Now onto my goals for 2018:

  1. Increase viewership and followers
  2. Get better at Tweeting
  3. Increase post quality
  4. Do a couple small fundraisers on my blog

I think that I’ll be able to do all these things in 2018. I’ve actually already started with the fundraising. I’m participating in a fundraising thing in the city where my university is, though I don’t know if I’ll bring my fundraising for that here because of its small focus. If I don’t post anything about it here the next fundraiser I’ll be doing will be in June.

So here’s my final update before Christmas. It may even e my final update before the new year if I don’t manage to post something by then. Oh yeah and one more thing. In a couple of hours I’ll be watching the new Star Wars movie. I’ll be posting a review of that on the first Saturday of January.

-Kirsten Hart (EclaDragon)

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NaNoWriMo 2017 Winner Update and General Blog Update

So if you follow me on Twitter you may already know that on Sunday morning I managed to reach 50,000 words and win. This is my third win overall out of four attempts. This story is not done however. In fact it’s far from being finished. I doubt that I’ll be able to 100% the novel by tomorrow at midnight. That doesn’t matter much as long as I get it done in December at some point. This is the first time that a novel that I have written for NaNoWriMo is going to be at least 10,000 words longer than 50,000.

There are a few things that I have to think about before I go to revise this draft. The first of these is that I need to focus a little more on how certain events are connected and how my plot twists need to be more noticeable and surprising without being stupid. Second I need to get rid of info dumps because every once in a while while writing I would come up with a piece of lore which fit in with what I had already decided upon and I would add it in. This information needs to be revealed earlier on. Finally I need to focus more on my characters in terms of how they act, talk, and relate to one another. This will make it so that my characters don’t almost always have blank faces or faint smiles.

I will keep posting updates about my novel as I continue writing in and then move into the first revision phase of this story. I just ‘can’t wait’ until I get to wait three hours for all those pages to print so that I can properly revise my story.

Now as for the blog update I just wanted to inform everyone that I am still technically on a hiatus. It’s the end of the semester so I have a lot of things I need to do so I won’t be able to post much and I don’t have a buffer at all at the moment. I will start by having semi regular posts at around December 12th then I will go back to regular posts in January. I’m doing this so that I can make a buffer of posts again so that I don’t fall behind.

Of course there will be a few more posts between now and then since I have a couple completed posts scheduled.

Anyways I will have a full blog update up within the next few weeks with all the things I want to do in terms of blogging in the new year. Just note that I will be focusing more on my writing and I will be doing more analysis of writing in terms of characters, scenes, and introductions.

Just one last thing before I end this post. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me in a charity thing. I want to do a fundraiser and I think it would be fun if I made it a sort of blog challenge. Please comment below if you’d be interested.


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NaNoWriMo 2017 Update 1

I had been hoping to post this on Sunday but a few things happened so I couldn’t. Also because of those same things I am now behind about 5,000 words. This is easily manageable as it is still within the range of my ability to write tons of words in one day. If you look at my author stats page you will see that the most I have written in a day is over 9,000. But because of this I will need to write for a little longer than I normally would, especially if I ever want to reach the climax which should give me at least a few thousand words.

I am finding the same thing I always find when participating in NaNoWriMo. There are many things my story is lacking such as sufficient worldbuilding to make it seem believable, minor characters which would add a lot to this story, and more. I spent the first 7,000 words writing the introduction so that all the major characters could be known by the time the inciting force came along, but they are highly underdeveloped, especially Nyfo who is the main character. I even ended up adding a bully character to add conflict before the inciting force to make it easier to introduce some of the characters but I ended up calling her Fua which is way too similar to one of my other protagonists who is called Fora.

So now I’m writing after the inciting force and the characters are all reacting to this happening. I may have added a few minor plot points here and there to make the plot more streamlined (i.e. making two characters run into each other a while before they actually meet, creating a third perspective character). I am also noticing things that I need to focus on during later drafts and revisions. This is good. You are only supposed to write your first draft during NaNoWriMo and first drafts are supposed to be awful. They act as the true starting point for writing stories so I don’t really care that it needs a lot more work. Besides at this point I actually think that this novel is the most likely of all my NaNoWriMo novels to actually get published in the near future. The First Dragon was put back on the drawing board especially after I changed all the lore. The Fatal Deception was dropped without a word. Lies Over Secret Truths was set aside for a while and I will return to it after I have some more inspiration. So yeah since A Faerie Alone is set apart from my big world, doesn’t contain any of the dark topics I sometimes write about, and may or may not have a sequel someday, I may actually succeed with finishing it.

Anyways I also wanted to tell you guys that I will be taking a step away from this blog. It won’t be a complete step as I will still be posting things regularly, but rather than posting daily I will be posting about three posts per week. I don’t know how long this will last but hopefully I will return to my normal schedule after November. If I don’t I will be returning at full force in the new year when I will also be announcing my super secret project #2. Here’s a hint:  cela implique la charité! I will also be starting a couple more blogging series that may or may not replace worldbuilding tips and give me something to post on Sunday’s.

I will be posting another NaNoWriMo update next Thursday. If you want to talk about how your novel is going you can comment below. If you don’t or you’re not writing a novel than see you next Thursday, or maybe tomorrow when I post a prewritten anime review. Whatever. Until then Happy Writing.

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Blog Update – October 22, 2017

Just a quick update to tell you that there will be three amateur writing tips on Wednesday. One will be my post for last week since I missed it, one will be the post that was originally for this week, and the last one is a post that I feel should be posted before November starts. Also during NaNoWriMo I will have roughly the same posting schedule as now except that I will also be writing a NaNo update every Sunday of the month.