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Writing Plans

A couple of weeks ago I made a list on my phone of all of my ongoing projects. The list is rather long containing several short stories and a total of four novel-length ideas. I have been putting off all these projects since high school and now I finally want to complete some of them. This means that I have to find places where I can submit my work and I need to start writing on a more regular basis.

I have subscribed to some writing newsletters that will give me a list of anthologies, journals, and magazines that are looking for submissions. I don’t know if any of my stories will be accepted by anything, but I need to at least try. But in order for my work to be accepted into a publication I need to actually write.

I have decided that starting next week I will focus on completing one story a week throughout May and June. This week I will be working on my subtle blog overhaul by scheduling posts, creating banners, and editing menus and pages. I don’t know which story I’ll end up completing next week but right now I am leaning towards finishing a story I am currently calling “The Silent City”. This is a darker story, but with what I have already written I should be able to complete it quickly.