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Loneliness and Outsider Syndrome in My Little Monster – A brief anime analysis

If you have yet to watch My Little Monster I recommend that you do not read past the read more tag. There will be mild to heavy spoilers for the entire first season.

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“Your Name” Live Action Remake

Earlier today news came out that J.J. Abrams who you probably know from such movies as the new Star Trek movies, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and TV shows such as Lost and Fringe, will be producing a live action adaptation of Your Name. I personally don’t think that this is a good idea, and I will explain why before. This post contains mild spoilers for Your Name.

The original animated Your Name movie came out literally last year and there are already people thinking of remaking it. The movie was a masterpiece and many of the people who watched it were amazed at the strange supernatural elements, the paradoxes, and the love story. I was one of those people. I just had a reason to not be able to review the movie. Making a remake of a movie can mean two things. One that the original has aged quite considerably and can be done better with newer technology or two so that the story and characters can reach a bigger group of people. Your Name is only a year old, but even if it were much much older I think it would be just as good, and animated movies have done well in the west. Sure Your Name was made with a modern anime style which may make some people refuse to watch it, but people can still enjoy the movie even if they aren’t fans of anime. Why remake such a new movie if it’s a really good movie?

So yeah that is basically my reason why I don’t think remaking Your Name right now is a good idea. There is also the whole live action anime movie remakes are pretty much always awful thing to think about, but I think that if anyone can do this story justice it’s J.J. Abrams. However as this was just announced today we still have at least a couple of years before we will see if he succeeds in making this movie.


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How to Make a Good Adaptation – A Death Note movie analysis

There have been many adaptations made over the past several years that have not done well. The most recent of these is Death Note, a movie made by Netflix that has barely reaches past the half-good mark and has received many bad reviews. I originally wanted to write a post on all the things this movie does wrong as an adaptation of a popular anime/manga, but then I looked at other movie adaptations such as Eragon, Seventh Son, Assassin’s Creed, Avatar the Last Airbender, and many many more awful movies and I noticed how most of these movies make the same mistakes in regards to adapting their source material. So instead of making a list of everything that one movie Death Note did wrong, I’ll instead be writing a list of everything that can be done to make an adaptation enjoyable for both the new audience of the movie and therefore source material and everyone who is a fan of the original.

So here’s my list, I guess.

Stay as true to the source material as possible

I understand that it is difficult to fit an entire story that spans about 500 pages in a novel into a movie that is at most two and a half hours long, but one of the easiest ways to make a good adaptation is to not leave too much of the source material out. To stay as true as possible to the source material go through the source material and decide on how important some scenes are compared to others. Leave the less important scenes that do little to further the plot and keep all the more important scenes.

But it is also possible that some scenes are weighted differently to the audience. These tend to be iconic scenes that if left out of the adaptation will make fans of the source material angry, and one thing you do not want is angry fans. An example of this is of course the famous potato chip scene of Death Note which was unfortunately left out of the Netflix movie. When you are weighing the scenes of the source material in terms of importance it is also important to look at the fandom that already surrounds the source material.

Don’t sexualize characters

Now when I say stay as close to the source material, I the same thing with characters. There have been a couple times where I’ve watched a book to movie adaptation and  character was different from how I imagined them personality wise because they have been sexualized. This is pretty self explanatory.

Don’t alter the fundamental rules of the world

One of the most annoying changes made in the Netflix adaptation of Death Note was with the rules. By changing the rules and making Ryuk the only god of death in the film, the fundamental rules of the world were also altered. Generally if you want fans of the source material to actually like your adaptation you don’t want to do this.

Use already existing characters and plotlines

The example I’ll use for the new Assassin’s Creed movie. The problem was the lack of characters from any of the games. The plot and characters of a story tend to be what people have a connection to. If you leave them out all you have left are the gimmicks of the source material which in the case of Assassin’s Creed is the war between the templars and assassin’s and the use of technology to make descendents of famous assassin’s remember their ancestor’s history. It’s cool to watch, but other than that it is not that great. Few people will rewatch the adaptation.

Do not change the plot to make it more action packed

Again this is pretty self explanatory. The main draw of a story is not always the action, though I guess that is the case for some like the stories of some video games. Instead the thing that makes people enjoy the story can be anything. It can be the characters, romance, setting, gimmicky things, or even amazing scenes that contain little to no action. Not everything has to be an action packed thriller.

Work with the original author

This is one of the easiest ways to make a good adaptation. One of my favourite book to live action adaptations from recent history is A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. I enjoyed it because I like it was written and directed in a way that made it have the same feel as the books. Now if you go and look at IMDB you will see that Daniel Handler, the guy also known as Lemony Snicket has series writing credits for 21 episodes of the television series.

The original author doesn’t even need to be an active writer or director for the adaptation. They can just act as consultants for the writers and directors. This makes for a much better adaptation., though of course I can understand if a writer doesn’t want to work on an adaptation.

Now these are the things that can be done in order to make a good adaptation, or at least these are things I think can be done. Now hopefully screenwriters and directors start doing these things so that some novels and anime can have the adaptations they deserve.

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Quick Update and World Suicide Prevention Day


Sorry I haven’t posted in two days but I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t have much of a buffer. To fix this I decided to spend a few hours today and several hours for the rest of the week writing posts until I have a buffer of two weeks. I’m doing this with the help of a very useful app which I will actually write a review on. It’s a writing app which keeps track of words written and multiple projects called Writeometer just in case you want to check it out before I review it.

Anyways today is World Suicide Prevention Day. This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. If you can please donate to a suicide prevention/mental health related charity, or if you can’t donate do one of the following things.

  • Light a candle in your window at 8 tonight
  • Go to an event in your area
  • Hang out with friends

Now I’ll start writing my posts for this week. I already wrote a movie review for Saturday. I reviewed a movie that has been talked about a lot lately in both anime and nerd culture. I can’t wait for you to read this post. I will also be writing a ruminated scrawling based on the same movie. It should be fun.

Thank you for reading my writing,


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The Power of Fiction

You may or may not have that one character who you absolutely adore because you seem to relate to them. It doesn’t matter if they’ve gone through the same things as you or not, they could just be very similar to you. These characters hold a power that can help people even if they have no actual people they can relate to. These characters can make some people feel less lonely, less scared because if this character made it through this trial you can make it through your own trials.

I have many characters who I strongly relate to. Futaba Sakura from Persona 5, Kakeru from Orange, Rei from March Comes in Like a Lion, and Spiderman to name a few. It is important for characters to be from all walks of life because they can act as inspirations for people going through difficult times in their lives. They are helpful in the way that they can help people move through and past those difficult times.

Another way fiction is powerful is in the way it can be used to destigmatize or draw attention to certain issues. A thing I notice on a regular basis, something that I wished never happened ever, is how people who don’t go through different trials in their life (i.e. mental illness, suicide, abuse, bullying) don’t understand the reactions and emotions of those who do. In fact they don’t even try to understand until they go through those things. Maybe if such issues were shown in a piece of fiction they will be able to understand. This is the case sometimes, but other times people point at characters going through these things and say that they are poorly written, boring, or unrealistic.

Now there is also a bad side to the power fiction has. Sometimes when a writer writes about a difficult, stigmatized topic in order to destigmatize that topic it has the opposite effect. This usually happens because the writer didn’t take enough care to research the topic to make its representation realistic. Sometimes it happens because it’s a topic that should stay out of fiction. For example if you were to show a graphic scene depicting such an issue in order to show people the shocking truths of the issue, there are two things that will happen. Firstly people who have gone through a similar experience and still experience symptoms of PTSD will be triggered which can cause harm to them mentally. The second thing that will happen is that other people will be disgusted and shocked at first, but then they will block the memory of that scene at least partially. Shock value doesn’t work very well. Though it can bring some rates down, with the amount of times I have seen this tactic being used it is clear that it doesn’t decrease them by much. In fact shock value may actually increase these rates.

It is important to keep the fact that fiction holds power over people and society when writing a story. This power can either be used for good or bad, but the good and bad sides of fiction overlap quite frequently. This is why it is important to be mindful of what you write and think of the many ways it could be judged. It is also important to make sure all types of people are represented by fictional characters because it is good to find characters you can relate to.

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Goals for 2017-2018

Since it’s the first day of September, I’ve decided to make a list of goals that I want to complete in the next year. This is of course because for many September is the true beginning of the year since in Canada at least most schools start their years in September. These are mainly goals that I know I can easily complete, but there will be a couple more difficult ones. I will also be withholding a goal or two for personal reasons.

So here’s my list:

  1. Win NaNoWriMo – This year it will be a little more difficult to win since I’ll be writing the first drafts of several short stories and a couple other smaller projects instead of writing an actual novel. I realized how many uncompleted projects I have just sitting there waiting to be written so I decided that I might as well.
  2. Submit at least 5 pieces of fiction to be published – This does not mean that I’ll get published but I need to start at least trying if I want to get those stories out into the world.
  3. Improve my GPA – It’s not that low but it could definitely be better.
  4.  Grow my blog
  5. Interact with different communities more frequently.
  6. Take a lot more pictures – This is one of my hobbies. I got a DSLR camera for Christmas last year and I just love taking pictures. I will probably not post pictures here because I don’t feel like they belong here.
  7. Complete Secret Project #2 – I can’t tell you about this goal because it’s a secret. I won’t tell you about Secret Project #1 mainly because that’s not its actual name. If I gave its actual name it would be obvious what the project actually was. There are some people who know about Secret Project #1. No one knows about Secret Project #2 but me.

So here’s my list of goals for this school year. What are your goals?