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She cries

alone in the alley

waiting for her hero to come,

but no one ever comes.

She is alone,

truly and completely alone.

No one is coming.

She has become the only character

in her tragic story.

But she gets up

and leaves the alley behind

to search for her hero herself.

She is still alone

but now she lives for something.

Maybe she has a hero,

maybe she doesn’t,

maybe she never needed to wait at all

and she is her own hero.

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I see you

but the true question is

do you see me?

I walk near you,

greet you with joy

but you don’t look up

you don’t smile.

It is as though I’m a ghost

trying to converse with the living.

But when you do notice me

it is not for long.

You look upon me with a look of pity

and ask me how’ve I been

when that is a question

you would already know the answer to

if you hadn’t ignored my presence.

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What is love

but something that all people feel

but many people still find it difficult

to find in the world.

When loneliness

keeps people’s hearts far apart

what is it that brings

them back together again.

What eases pain

when a gentle melody of kindness

brings one back from the brink

into peace.

What is love

but something that all people have,

something that some people cannot find

and something that can save and heal.

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The Hero’s Revenge

The hero looks at their foe

in contempt.

Who are they

to have believed that what they had done

was the one right thing to do

when all their actions have wrought

is nothing but despair?

The warrior places their hand

on the hilt of their sword

as they get ready

to deal the defeating blow.

With one movement the sword

is pulled from the sheath

and its blade shines menacingly

in the dimming sunlight.

The hero points the blade at their foe.

A look of fear crept onto the foul villains face

as they begin to beg for mercy.

“No mercy for one who has committed such evil”

the hero says.

The hero smiles as they thought

about how finally this would all come to an end,

how the one who had destroyed their friend

would finally meet their justice.

But as the hero rockets forward

and pushes their blade through the villains flesh

a realization is made.

The evil one bleeds red

like any other human or beast,

so why then did they do what they did?

Were they truly evil to begin with,

did something happen in the past

to make them this way

or were they just doing

what they were told?

The hero draws back

after this revelation.

They swing the sword once more

to fling away the blood

before replacing it in its sheath.

A terrible atrocity has been ended this day,

the grim reaper would not come.

The villain lives on

to rethink their actions,

and the hero continues with the knowledge

that they did the right thing.

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Fire in the Skies

Fire in the skies,

icy snow below

as I walk through this hellscape

towards my next trial.

My breath appears

on the air

as my nervousness

warms me up inside

and my fingers freeze

until they go in my pockets.

I am alone here,

but also confident

that after this trial

everything is going to be alright.

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The Stars in Snow

The light of the stars

is reflected in the white sheet

of freshly fallen snow which covers all.

The stars both above and below

twinkle without a care in the world

until an unknowing individual

steps into the snow,

packing it down

and dimming the light of the stars

it holds inside.

The individual goes on with their life

and the stars in the snow are forgotten

until the next time it snows

and the stars above

keep on shining

until the day in the distant future

when their light will dim and fade away

like their distant cousins

in the snow below.