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In The Ever-garden

A girl sits alone
in the ever-garden sprouting around her
with tear stained eyes
but no tears on her cheeks.
She hasn’t cried since
this garden was created.
Here she is safe,
free from the powers of grief and pain.
But eventually she decides
that her life is going nowhere
so she exits the ever-garden
into a world filled with flames
and ash barren land.
She gasps as she finally notices
for the first time
the extensive burns that cover her body
and the gaping wound in her soul.
While shedding tears
she walks out into
the ruined world of her origin
to walk towards the future.

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Two Hearts, One Soul

Two hearts

always beating in unison.

One heart

split in two before everything begins.

When the hearts meet

the soul is whole

for the first time in its life

and a glowing flower

that has been there

the entire time

begins to bloom

into all colours.

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Elegy of Emptiness


we thank thee

for refilling our souls

and for reminding us

what it means to be knights.

Though we have truly been gone

for many long centuries,

though we have lingered here after death,

we are finally free to leave this place,

and so we leave you with this gift.

You can use it to summon a servant

who will do no evil, say no evil,

one who will never betray you,

but be warned

the only completely trustful servant

is nothing more

than an empty shell of your spirit.

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She cries

alone in the alley

waiting for her hero to come,

but no one ever comes.

She is alone,

truly and completely alone.

No one is coming.

She has become the only character

in her tragic story.

But she gets up

and leaves the alley behind

to search for her hero herself.

She is still alone

but now she lives for something.

Maybe she has a hero,

maybe she doesn’t,

maybe she never needed to wait at all

and she is her own hero.

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I see you

but the true question is

do you see me?

I walk near you,

greet you with joy

but you don’t look up

you don’t smile.

It is as though I’m a ghost

trying to converse with the living.

But when you do notice me

it is not for long.

You look upon me with a look of pity

and ask me how’ve I been

when that is a question

you would already know the answer to

if you hadn’t ignored my presence.

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What is love

but something that all people feel

but many people still find it difficult

to find in the world.

When loneliness

keeps people’s hearts far apart

what is it that brings

them back together again.

What eases pain

when a gentle melody of kindness

brings one back from the brink

into peace.

What is love

but something that all people have,

something that some people cannot find

and something that can save and heal.