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WordPress Anniversary

So apparently yesterday was my two year anniversary for when I first made an account on this site. I know I made this blog shortly after and made it private so that I could get some work done on it before actually writing my first post. When I finally wrote my first post I know it wasn’t good or interesting. It was just something I wanted to get out there and I think that that’s the main spirit of this blog. I watch something, or write a poem, or see something out in the world and I want to tell people about these things, but that is kind of hard when you are not a person who easily makes friends.

But then last year in May I decided that I would officially start writing posts at least weekly so that my blog could grow and I think that plan has worked for the most part despite some minor failings on my part. At the moment I have about 125 followers on here, 132 followers on Twitter, and 26 followers on Tumblr. By the way out of all of these I have stopped browsing Tumblr about a year ago so if you are trying to interact with me through Tumblr I’m sorry but I most likely won’t answer you.

I just hope that there can be at least as much growth this upcoming year as there was last year.

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Pseudonym question

The book review I was going to write today is going to be delayed because I wasn’t able to finish the book in time. I don’t know when I’ll end up posting it. I’ll try to complete the book for next Monday’s review by Thursday. I may end up dropping the weekly book review posts in June to make it easier on me.

I am still going to try to complete one story this week and I have decided that it will be the story I mentioned last week because I have recently come up for a great idea for that particular story. On the side I will be participating in writing blog challenges involving picture prompts. I have already entered a few and I have found that they help me get hyped up for working on larger projects. They are also fun.

I have been thinking about whether or not to use a pseudonym for my future publication submissions just because of some of my future plans. This is mainly because of the things I tend to write about have very little to do with my chosen area of study. I don’t want these two of my plans for the future to clash in any way. But if I end up using a pseudonym what name would I use? I don’t know but it would have to be something with some meaning for me because I don’t want to go on the random name generator on behindthename dot com to find a good name. I guess that I’ll just need to think about this for while longer, though I do have to decide before my next publication submission.

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Call For Topics

I have decided that in December I will try out a consistent schedule so that I will have at least two posts per day and the types of posts I will write will vary a lot between days so that I don’t have three days of only anime posts and one random non anime post afterwards. I would like to write about a variety of topics. I am already making a list. I have some topics already. I would like to know if anyone who reads my blog has a topic that they would like to see me write about. This could be based off of anything. Anime, western movies and television, novels and short stories, writing, real life, or anything else that you can think of. I would also appreciate anime and western movies and television shows to review. If you have a topic you would like to see me write about please comment below. I look forward to seeing what people come up with.

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What I’ve Been Doing

I have been doing a lot of work on my novel outline but this weekend I stupidly forgot to save before updating my laptop so several scenes are gone. It’s fine since it is only an outline and all I have to do is write what happens, but I have yet to go back to the deleted scenes because I got a really bad cold right after that. I will fix the current issues with my outline soon.

In the meantime I have been working on a few other smaller projects. Most of them are only concepts. One of them is the secret project I wrote about earlier. So far I have a map drawn and little else. Another one is a story that I have been inspired to write more than five times. This is the only story that is so persistent towards being written and I’ve only just now wrote the first draft. Hopefully I can finish this project soon.

The summer anime season is going to end soon and this means that I have several reviews to write. I may make a poll later to see if people prefer me to write spoiler free reviews or something more like analysis’s. Maybe I’ll just make something for analysis’s and another one for spoiler free reviews. If you get the chance and if I ever create the poll please give me your answer. I will start writing the reviews next week since that is when the first anime’s end. Also I am using my free trial now so doing these reviews will be infinitely easier until it ends. I don’t know if I will pay for this feature after it ends.

I have noticed that I have only posted two posts all month. This is a big change from last month where I literally wrote two posts every single day. I guess I have just been ignoring it. The next two months will be busy especially if I go through with what I have planned. From now on I will make myself post one thing per day onto this blog. Maybe I’ll even write about school. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Also this post does not feature me attending classes. I guess I have been doing that as well.

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My Current Journal

My current journal was used as a diary for a few years after I got it. The problem with this is that I can’t seem to write about my day everyday because most of the time my days are very similar to each other. My entries are all scattered over those few years. I ended up looking back on these entries today while I was writing in my journal. I was just writing random parts of different stories. When I looked back on these entries it caused me to think back about who I was when I first started writing them. This thinking brought a lot of powerful emotions with it but since I have gotten so good at not showing them lately these emotions only made my thoughts feel off.

I got the journal at Walmart. I saw it and just really wanted it. It was one of the first things that I got that I would call frivolous and not food. I bought it with my money and brought it home. When I opened it for the first time and felt the pages I wanted to write in it so bad that eventually I ended up ditching my last notebook for this one. Of course I later found out that I bought a damaged item. The last page was ripped near the spine and caused all the pages to sit awkwardly when I had the book open. I was just too guilty to try to return it and get a new one so I just kept it. I always thought it adds a lot of character to it anyways.

Now after one year of university I have started to use it again but this time as a journal where I can write anything. I have written review notes for my classes in this notebook. I have written random stories and other random things such as poems that have come to mind. I have even written about my writing. I started using my notebook in this way because my last one filled up. My last one is a red notebook from Chapters that is covered in a nice heart design.

I can’t wait until this one is filled up because then I will be able to move on to the next notebook. I want to move onto my leatherbound notebook but I think that it would be better to finish the notebook I abandoned to write in my current one. It is just a blue composers notebook and not very long so it shouldn’t take that long. And I will have to finish my other writers notebook which contains a few chapters from one of my better attempts at writing anovel when I was younger. Then I will be able to move onto newer notebooks because finally I will have no more unfinished notebooks.