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Maristela Part 6: Break Away

In truth Kinra really wanted to continue that conversation. There never was anyone around her who could understand what she had been through, to whom she could tell her story. But Maristela didn’t look like she wanted to talk anymore. Maybe it had something to do with her amnesia.

Kinra had been born in the Forest of Stars in a small village. She never liked the village but she did like the forest that surrounded her. She would go exploring and she would come back with handfuls of star flowers. The adults scolded her for it each time because star flowers were sacred in the forest. But no matter how often they told her to stop she continued exploring.

But one day she found a cave which went deep into the earth. She went inside after getting a torch and explored that as well. Once she reached the end she found a large glass sphere. She touched it and it fell off its pedestal. She tried to fix it but she was caught by one of the elders. It turns out that sphere was sacred to the people of the village and she had committed a major offense to the village by breaking it. She was banished and forced to travel. She never stayed in one place for more than a few months.

If only she hadn’t wanted to break away from the norm as a child, maybe she would have still been living in that village. But did she really want to stay there. In the village life was so normal and boring. At least now she had the chance to do what she wanted. At least now she could meet strange new people.

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NaNoWriMo 2017 – Plan for Planning

So yesterday I changed the story that I will be writing during NaNoWriMo 2017. Shortly after I did this I made a plan for how I’m going to do the planning. In the past I’ve used multiple methods. In 2014 I made a simple character sheet for each character and didn’t do much after that. In 2015 I attempted using the snowflake method. Last year I again attempted using the snowflake method. I am what you would call a planster which means that I plan a little bit, but only enough save time during writing. So basically only characters and settings.

This year I want to do something a little different. This is a method that I hope will work better for my writing style. It also doesn’t require weeks to do. Here’s my current plan.

  1. Write a summary without doing anything else beforehand
  2. Outline the characters. Major characters get detailed character sheets, minor characters get simple character sheets
  3. Write another summary while keeping these characters in mind
  4. Outline the setting. This means that I will name towns, write about the history important to the plot, detail the different sentient species, develop every setting that will be used in the story, etc.
  5. Write another summary while keeping both the characters and setting in mind
  6. Outline anything else that needs to be outlined
  7. Write a summary after that
  8. Write a summary within a week of November if one hasn’t been written that week already to put story back on the mind

So yeah, that’s my plan. I know that it involves writing a lot of plot summaries but the idea is that the summary will change at least a little bit as I create characters and settings for the story. The summary will also change over time and since November is still over a month away. Besides I already wrote the first plot summary and it only took me about an hour. I will spend more time on the characters and setting than I will on the plot summary either way. Also just in case you were wondering this is a very vague plot summary so I will have room to maneuver the plot as I write. Its not a good idea to restrict one’s self when writing a story, but it is a good idea to at least plan a little bit.

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NaNoWriMo 2017 Plan Change – September 24, 2017

I have decided to change my plans for NaNoWriMo this year. Before I was going to write the first drafts of several of my already planned out stories of which I have a literal ton, but now I will be focusing on a single story about a girl who finds herself trapped in a world that is not her own where some people want her dead. You know how sometimes you are just cooking spaghetti and you get the perfect idea of a concept for a story that you then go and develop? Yeah that is exactly what happened to me.

The title of the story right now is “A Fae Alone”, but that is bound to change. It is about a fae girl who falls into an interdimensional portal and finds herself trapped in a world where she doesn’t belong. As she tries to survive she learns of something that may allow he to return to her home and she meets both people who become her friends and people who become her enemies. This will be a fun story to write, especially since this type of story is my specialty.

Oh yeah and sorry about not posting at all yesterday and late today. It is super hot and that makes it super difficult to write.

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Maristela Part 5: Finding Solace

The two women walked silently along the road through the Valley of Fire. Maristela kept stealing glances at Kinra. She wanted to ask so many questions but she neither knew which question to start with or have the courage to break the silence. Finally the silence was broken when Kinra asked Maristela something.

“So what brings you to the Valley of Fire?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” She replied. “I did just wake up without any memories you know.”

“Oh yeah. How did I forget?” she put a finger on her lips and looked upwards.

“Um. Why did those people not like you very much?”

Kinra sighed. “It’s a long story, but since we have a long walk ahead of us I might as well tell it. You see I was born in the forest to the south of this valley. It’s known as the Trillium Forest because of all the trillium flowers that grow there. It’s a beautiful place. I wish I could return.”

“Why did you leave?”

“I was banished from my home village so I decided to travel the world. I came to that village and their blacksmith had just passed away leaving no one to make and repair tools and since I had some experience as a blacksmith I took over. I’ve only been there for a few months.”

“Are they not stoneborn?” Maristela asked.

“No. They are known as the fire forged. It’s said that centuries ago a fire raged through this valley and killed off most of the people who lived here. Those people were the descendants of those survivors.”

“I see.” She didn’t want to pry further, but she was still curious as to who exactly Kinra was. She hoped that one day her newfound friend would find solace in her. And Maristela was too kind to ask such prying questions.

They continued walking in silence.

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Maristela Part 4: Dark

Maristela walked through the lonely darkened “village” with nothing but the clothes on her back since she didn’t want to steal anything from her host. It didn’t matter much to her because from what she had seen this valley was especially that big. All she had to do was follow the one road that went through the very small village and she would hopefully get to a place where she was more welcomed, where she belonged.

She had passed the last house and suddenly there were no more sources of light and she found herself in complete darkness. She could only barely see the road below her and there was little to no difference between how the road felt under her feet and how any other piece of land felt. Everything was so hard and there was barely any grass. The edge of the valley was nearly a wasteland.

She couldn’t continue in the dark like this so she decided to continue in the morning. She sat down at the side of the road and waited. She couldn’t fall asleep because falling asleep beside a road near a village that wanted her gone for good was not a good idea. The next day she would travel half asleep.

But then she saw a light. Someone was walking towards her with a blazing torch. It crackled, its light revealing the face of a woman.

“You could have at least said you were leaving.” Kinra scolded. “Do you think this is any better than staying in my shop? At least there you would be able to actually sleep?”

“I’m sorry.” Exclaimed Maristela. “I couldn’t stay, not when it caused the others to hate you.”

“You thought they hated me because of you? Ha. Unfortunately they have always hated me.”

“But I thought you said they respected you.”

“I did, but people can respect you without liking you.”

She lifted the two large bags she was carrying in her free hand. “Now let’s go before the sun rises again.”

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Maristela Part 3: Light

The sun threatened to sink behind the mountains to the west shedding a yellow light on the small “village”. Kinra brought some bedding from her small house which was just behind her shop. Maristela was grateful for everything this woman had done for her so far. She had given her food, a place to stay, companionship when no one wanted her near them. The last thing she wanted to do was to cause trouble for the blacksmith.

Already she was seeing villagers glaring at Kinra as though she had committed a major grievance against them. They were beginning to hate one of their own because an outsider, a dragonkin no less had been invited into her home. Maristela had of yet learned nothing about why this hatred for her kind was so prevalent among those who lived in this sleepy village in the Valley of Fire, but she knew that it had to have been caused by something terrible that had happened in the past.

Maristela plotted as her host fed her, spoke to her, gave her a place to stay. She didn’t plot to hurt Kinra, or destroy her livelihood. She plotted to right a wrong she did not as of yet understand. If the people here hated her for what she was she had to leave as soon as possible. This is why she made the decision to leave the village when two criteria had been met.

The first is that the sun had to have set completely and the village had to have been in complete darkness. The second is that Kinra could no longer be in the shop leaving Maristela alone to sleep.

And so she thought of her plan as the sun set. Kinra was now asking Maristela if she needed anything before she went home to bed. The plan would soon be played out.

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The Rememberer – Chapter 10

Albin stood there staring at the same wall that Rowan couldn’t take her eyes off of. The blood smeared on the wall was still glossy, it had not been there long enough to dry. She wanted to scream but no sound came out. Was this… Was this her fault?

She walked up to Albin and placed her hand on his shoulder. He looked back at her with glazed over eyes that didn’t see anything. He was in shock. The knife was held tightly in his hand, its blade now wet with blood.

Was this… Was this his fault? That couldn’t be true. There was no way that was true because she had seen his unwavering loyalty. He would never do something so awful, but she also knew that it certainly looked like he did it. Someone was trying to frame him.

She eased the knife from his hand and nearly fainted when she felt the now familiar feel of a memory trying to make itself known to her. She was touching his hand, nothing more. According to Rei she should not be able to see anything. She viewed the memory.

Albin had started cooking breakfast when he heard a strange noise coming from the bedroom. He found his grandmother dead with a knife in her chest and a message scrawled in blood on the wall. Without thinking he pulled the knife out.

She suddenly felt as though she were pulling on the memory. Both she and Albin passed out on the floor.

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