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Ef – A Tale of Memories (2007) anime review

50411Hiro Hirono runs into a girl named Miyako Miyamora on Christmas Eve. She “borrows” Hiro’s bike to chase after a purse thief and he later finds his bike wrecked and her unconscious. The two end up spending their Christmas Eve together and soon love begins to blossom. Elsewhere Renji Asou meets a girl named Chihiro Shindou, the twin sister of Hiro’s childhood friend Kei. Renji decides to write a novel together with Chihiro, but he learns about her disability. She can only remember things within thirteen hours in the past. Meanwhile Kei catches the eye of a womanizing photographer who is looking for the perfect shot for his movie, Kyosuke Tsutsumi. Thus begins three different romances guided by two mysterious adults.

Screenshot (52)Normally I only watch romances when I hear a lot of praise for them from other people. With this one I found it by using the random feature on Crunchyroll. After quickly looking at the reviews for this series I decided to add it to my quickly lengthening watch queue. This was an entertaining series focusing on the lives of six high school students each with their own interests and problems. At times this series becomes a tearjerker, at other times it will bring a smile to your face. This is your typical romance anime, but it is also more than that. This anime is well written and the animation is good as well as the art style which I like despite the age of this anime.

Screenshot (53)If you want to watch a romance anime, here is a good one to watch. However if you don’t like romance definitely don’t watch this series because there is not much else in this series. This is a good series exploring the philosophy of impermanence using the relationships between three couples.

Final Rating – 43/50

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My Hero Academia season 2 (2017) anime review

85221The second season continues where the last season left off, with the aftermath of the villain invasion. The students continue on with their school life. Soon it’ll be time for the UA Academy sports festival which is still going on despite what has happened. Deku now has a chance to reveal himself to the world as a future symbol of hope in the tournament-like sports festival. Can he reach the end and win first place in the sports festival? Meanwhile a serial killer known as Hero Killer Stain is hunting heroes who don’t represent what he believes a hero should be in the same town where Lida’s older brother is currently working.

Screenshot (50)This is a good example of a second season achieving much more than its first season. The battles are much bigger with higher stakes. Deku learns how to use his quirk better rather than simply becoming much stronger like with most other shonen anime. Characters other than Deku get character development which allows the viewer to relate to and love other characters. The best part about this series is that there are episodes where Deku has no part in the plot, there aren’t that many but there are some. In fact one of my favourite episodes from this season focuses on my favourite character, Froppy.

Screenshot (51)I recommend you watch this if you watched and enjoyed the first season, however if you haven’t yet watched the first season you should go watch that first. There are a lot of plot points that are built up from season 1 in this season. I hope that season 3 is even better than season 2.

Final Rating – 50/50

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Little Witch Academia (2017) anime review

83934When magic is declining within society and witches are becoming more and more elements of a bygone era, Atsuko Kagari enters Luna Nova Academy in order to learn how to use magic and to become a witch herself. She was inspired as a child to follow her dreams no matter what by her idol, Shining Chariot a witch who performed beautiful magic shows. Atsuko gains possession of the Shiny rod, Shining Chariots magic wand. Now she much learn how to use it as she pursues her dreams of becoming a powerful witch one day, a dream that seems to be moving further and further away.

Screenshot (48)This series is cute, but it’s not much more than that. The characters are mainly archetypal characters with characters you would expect to see in other series. You have the stupidly naive main character, the creepy character who likes disgusting things, the bookworm, and a queen bee just to name a few. However what I liked most about this series is the animation style which is beautiful by the way, and the presence of the theme of magic and imagination versus technology and logic. Because of this Little Witch Academia shines its brightest whenever Shining Chariot is mentioned or present in the plot.

Screenshot (49)I recommend you watch this series if you like fantasy or series like Harry Potter. Just to let you know Little Witch Academia is not a Harry Potter clone or knock off. The only similarity between the two series is that there is a magic school. This series is entirely worth watching for the animation and themes alone.

Final Rating – 43/50

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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (2013-2014) anime review

55039After the events of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana go their separate ways for the time being. Aladdin goes to Magnostadt, also commonly known as the Kingdom of Magic in order to learn how to better control the rukh and to see for himself what exactly is going on in this corrupt nation. Alibaba goes to the neighbouring kingdom to Magnostadt to train in sword fighting in the gladiator arena there and to better learn how to use his djinn equip. Morgiana heads to her ancestral homeland with the hope of finding her people. Meanwhile an evil force is lurking behind the scenes that has the potential to end the entire world, waiting for it to be called upon by the one who collected it and kept it hidden.

Screenshot (45)A lot of this season could have easily been told through a training montage. Though some of it was, the episodes occasionally slowed down to give time for introducing new characters, new places, and the philosophical ideas present in the entire series. Each of the three main characters gets their own two episodes devoted entirely to them where they at first fail at what they want to accomplish and then quickly learn that they have a lot more potential than they thought they did (Alibaba), or they learned that their circumstances made them terrible at what they wanted to do (Aladdin), or they learned that their goal was possible to achieve but would come at an irreversible price (Morgiana).

This season reminded me why I like this series and developed the world first introduced in the Labyrinth of Magic. Also the magical system was finally explained in a way that is easily understood so that you can actually understand what is happening. The characters are also all interesting and provide their own arguments and opinions as to what is going on, and whether or not some of the things that are going on are good or bad.

Screenshot (46)I recommend this series if you watched The Labyrinth of Magic, or if you just really like fantasy. Also since I forgot to mention this earlier the comedic gags in this series are funny and are not overdone.

Final Rating – 46/50

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Nisemonogatari (2012) anime review

35619Koyomi Araragi wakes up one morning to find himself tied to a chair. His girlfriend Hitagi Senjougahara has kidnapped him to protect him from the con man who has recently arrived in town. She wants to keep him imprisoned until the con man is gone but after a frantic text from Araragi’s younger sister she lets him go since it turns out the con man has set his sights on one of his younger sisters. There are two stories in this season, each having to do with Araragi’s two younger sisters unknowingly dealing with the supernatural.

First things first. This is the second season of Monogatari and it contains one of the most well known scenes from the entire series. The toothbrush scene is in episode 8 so if you don’t want to watch something oddly sexual either don’t watch Monogatari at all  because there is a lot of weird fanservice in this series or skip episode 8.

Screenshot (40)Personally I didn’t like this season as much as the other seasons. I think it’s because I don’t find the supernatural issues in this season that interesting compared to all the others and I don’t really click with Araragi’s sisters. Despite the fact that I didn’t like Nisemonogatari as much as the other season I still think its important to watch it if you want the complete Monogatari experience because there are multiple characters introduced in this season which will have major parts to play in later seasons. It also gives you a chance to know the sisters a little better than you would otherwise.

Screenshot (43)I recommend you watch Monogatari in general if you enjoy surrealist animation and stories about the impact supernatural creatures have on humans. However if you want to watch Monogatari don’t start here. Make sure you watch at least Bakemonogatari before you watch Nisemonogatari since it introduces most of the important characters of the series.

Final Rating – 38/50

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Hanamonogatari (2014) anime review

65755Since both Araragi and Hitagi have both graduated from high school, Kanbara is now the only member of the original group who is still in that high school. Kanbara has managed to keep the monkey’s paw under control, but now she is hearing talk of someone known as the “devil” who will magically solve any problem. She’s concerned that these rumours are about her so she goes to investigate, however she soon comes face to face with someone she knew in her past. After reprimanding Rouka, the person she used to know she goes home thinking that everything’s been dealt with, but when her arm reverts back to its human form she discovers that she may still have something to worry about.

Screenshot (22)This is one of the first arcs with Araragi playing a very small part, and the first entire series which completely focuses on another character. While I do like Kanbara, her character arc is one of the few that actually bored me in the first season. I did find it interesting however that the series went back to look at one of the minor details from season 1, the monkey’s paw being a piece of a demon, as well as Kanbara’s arm. The seasons between the first season and this season have largely ignored Kanbara and made her little more than comedy relief and a source of fan service (though you don’t need to look that hard in Monogatari to find another character who supplies a good helping of fan service). It’s nice to see the series return to her story.

Screenshot (23)Since this is a season of Monogatari the animation and music are both really good. The characters are also interesting. I just found this particular plot line more boring than the other plots in this series. Now I’m comparing this to the other seasons of this series. Most seasons of Monogatari are boring occasionally because it’s a very wordy series. This is far from the most boring anime I’ve ever watched.

I recommend you watch this series if you’ve watched Monogatari before. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who is new to the series though because Monogatari is a series that is very unique and the seasons should be watched in the correct order which you can find if you look it up on the internet. Also if you’re looking for this season on CrunchyRoll you can find it under Monogatari Second Season despite it being its own season with its own name (none of the other seasons are like this).

Final Rating – 42/50

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Amagi Brilliant Park (2014) anime review

85435At first it appears that Kanie Seiya, a highly intelligent and narcissistic high school student has been invited out on a date with his beautiful yet reserved fellow student Sento Isuzu to a nice little theme park he remembers going to as a young child. However it soon becomes clear that there is something going on here as she tours him around a mostly abandoned, aged park. He soon learns that this park, known as Amagi Brilliant Park is a front for people from another world known as Maple Landers to collect energy from people who are having fun. However the park is now in danger since according to a land-use contract the park needs to meet its quota of 500,000 guests in less than three months or else it will be closed for good and the land redeveloped into condos. Princess Latifa Fleuranza, Sento, and all the other Maple Landers beg Seiya to become the new manager of the park in order to meet the quota. Now Seiya must do everything in his power to make sure this park does not close down.

Screenshot (20)First I want to point out that my spell check decided to change Amagi into Amigo. I just thought that was funny. The second thing I want to point out is how great this series is. This is one of the few series where I’ve noticed there is no character with the generic anime protagonist personality and appearance which is pretty refreshing. The dysfunctional personalities of several of the characters lends themselves well to the humour that is prevalent in this series because this is a comedy. Even the magic which can seemingly make a lot of things possible which would normally be impossible add to the charm of Amagi Brilliant Park.

Screenshot (21)I recommend this series to anyone who wants something funny but also different from your average comedy. I fully enjoyed this series and I even found myself wanting to watch it when I couldn’t. You can find it on Crunchyroll.

Final Rating – 45/50