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Interviews with Monster Girls (2017) anime review

83417Tetsuo Takahashi is your typical high school biology teacher, except for one thing. That is his fascination with “demihumans”, people who were born as the creatures of myth and legend from human parents. He wants to interview a demihuman but that is incredibly difficult to do since they are so rare. Then he discovers that in the new school year there are now three students consisting of a vampire, a dullahan, and a snow woman, as well as a new teacher who is a succubus. Now he finally gets to interview some demihumans. This is a series that explores the lives of these demihumans and explores the ways people can be the same despite obvious differences.

Screenshot (141)I thoroughly enjoyed watching this series. The characters are well written, and how the abilities the demihumans have are all described in a scientific way that’s also easy to understand. Not that any of these abilities are actually possible of course. The themes of getting along despite differences and taking care of others with disadvantages in life are also well explored. In one of the earlier episodes one of the characters says something that I found pretty profound and describes what is going on in the series as a whole. This was a good series with both cute and profound moments that I hope will be getting a second season.

Screenshot (146)I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys anime that are set in high schools with cute characters and interesting single episode plotlines. This is a series I know that most people should be able to enjoy, just remember that this is also a slice of life series where not many serious things happen.

Final Rating – 45/50

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Chain Chronicle -The Light of Haecceitas- (2017) anime review

83740The Chain Chronicle is a book within which everything that is currently happening and has happened in the past is written. The people of Yggd had always believed that there was nothing past their borders until they learned that there were other nations out there. Peace was kept in this world until the Black Army led by the Lord of Black arrived taking over the and entire kingdom and chasing after the bearer of the Chain Chronicle, the princess of the kingdom. The Volunteer Army led by Yuri comes to defeat the Lord of Black, but they fail losing half of the Chain Chronicle and causing Yuri to lose all hope of saving the world. That is until a new ally reveals himself, inspiring Yuri to not give up. But the blackness is spreading affecting the lives of commoners and tainting those who fight against the Black Army. How will the Volunteer Army defeat such a powerful individual?

Screenshot (39)This is your typical high fantasy series complete with mages, elves, and evil power. It is also a series based on an RPG which can easily be seen whenever the characters perform chain attacks. The characters are interesting though they are generic fantasy characters with a roguish character, an honourable warrior character, and a villain who appears at first glance as a truly evil being. The plot though is weak at times and I personally think that the people who wrote the subtitles should have used another term to describe the blackness. I think that the word taint would have worked so much better because that is what it does, it taints the land and the people in it.

Screenshot (40)I do recommend this series if you want to watch it. Chain Chronicle is not a bad series, but it also isn’t that great. This is just another mediocre attempt to make an adaptation of a video game.

Final Rating – 32/50

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Fall 2017 Anime Season First Look – Part 1

Since I didn’t have a movie review set up for today, I decided to instead write about my first impressions of all the new anime series that are coming out this season. To keep this short and because I have only watched a few of these series so far I’m going to write this in parts. Each part will have my impressions of 3 different series. Today I will be writing about two series that I heard a lot of people had high hopes for, and one series that I only know that I have high hopes. Enjoy.

King’s Game

Screenshot (231)

King’s Game is a series that will contain a lot of gore. It’s a horror anime about a transfer student who becomes part of the class just as the King’s Game is starting, something that he had already gone through in his old school. In the King’s Game students must obey the orders of the king with 24 hours or else they will be punished. It’s going to be a dark series, or at least I hope it’s going to be a dark series. It better not change genre’s halfway through, or be a terrible show.

The first episode starts with a scene where the protagonist watches a girl get punished in the King’s Game. I no longer know if this scene takes place before or after the series, but while watching it I thought it took place later. Then the next scene took place earlier at a school sports festival, and the scene after that one showed the transfer student being introduced to the class. If this series is what I hope it will be this episode gave a good representation of the tone of this show. I also fund it interesting that the only person who knows anything about what’s going on is the protagonist. I find that usually the protagonist in anime is the one person who doesn’t know anything about current events.


Screenshot (232)

I don’t know what I expected going into this series, but I do know that after I watched the first episode of URAHARA I felt as though I had wasted 24 minutes watching something just because it was cute. In fact cuteness is the one thing this series seems to have going for it. The three main characters are an overdramatic girl, a girl who seems to follow the other two characters around and praise them, and a quiet girl. These are all characters found in a lot of other anime series. The art style is different in a cute picture book-esque way. Even the plot seems as though it has been done many times before. This is a series about three girls who use these orb things in order to become magical girls to defeat aliens during an alien invasion. This plot is very similar to the plot of Twin Tails, except at least Twin Tails was hilariously weird rather than boringly cute. Also the red haired girl is way too dramatic with literally everything she says.

Black Clover

Screenshot (233)

I’ve heard the claims about how this is supposed to be the next big shonen anime. It’s about two twins who were abandoned in a church and were raised in an orphanage. At the age of fifteen they go to get their grimoires, books that enhance their magical power. Yuno is gifted with extraordinary magical powers and receives a powerful grimoire with a four leaf clover on its cover. Asta on the other hand has seemingly no ability in magic and he doesn’t get a grimoire until later. This is an interesting new series with a rivalry between two people, one with a lot of power and one with a seemingly no power until later. They later become rivals with the same goal. This sounds familiar, I just can’t put my finger on it.

Anyways I like the focus on magic in this series. Yuno is an interesting character though he is kind of a jerk. Asta is also a good character but I found it annoying how he literally shouted, every, single, line. In fact all the characters are kind of annoying so far and it’s only the first episode. I hope this changes for later episodes. If not then I guess those claims of this being the next big shonen anime would have just been to overhype this show.

So here’s my first first look post for this season. I haven’t decided if I’ll keep these posts to only Saturday or not, but whatever I decide expect the next part soon.

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Twin Star Exorcists (2016-2017) anime review

0d9b4b1ea1fa85abd0472c0d1314c2601459549637_fullExorcists deal with all impurities in the parallel realm of Magano; a twisted place filled with monsters known as Kegare. Benio Adashino is a prodigy exorcist who is recognized for her strength who has been summoned by the Tokyo Exorcist Union. On her her way, she falls and is caught by a young exorcist with a dark past. They witness a couple of kids getting dragged in Magano and attacked by a Kegare. Benio fights the Kegare alone but is nearly defeated, only to be saved by Rokuro. Soon after they discover that they are the destined couple known as the “Twin Star Exorcists” who will one day bring forth the one who will end the war between the exorcists and the Kegare. However Benio and Rokuro first have to learn how to get along before their destiny runs its course.

Screenshot (221)This is a fantastic anime with good animation, fight scenes, and characters, for the first several episodes. Then the anime diverges from the manga and becomes weird, nonsensical, and introduces annoying characters. A good example of just how bad this series gets is near the end when one of the villains of the series is presenting his monologue to some of the strongest exorcists. That is the entire episode, the villain giving his exclamation of the evil things he’s going to do and the exorcists going all “no you can’t do that” as they are unable to actually do anything.There should only be episodes containing mostly dialogue in a shounen series when there is at least a little action or the information presented in the dialogue cannot be presented in any other way. It would have been better had the information in the villain’s monologue been spread out over multiple episodes or had it never been presented in the first place. And that’s just one example of how bad this series gets at times.

Screenshot (222)I do not recommend this anime to anyone. If you want to experience the story I would recommend reading the manga. While I have yet to read it, I have heard great things about it. While the concept of this show is strange, I feel like it was well done in the first several episodes. If only the quality of this series was consistent.

Final Rating – 29/50

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No Game No Life (2014) anime review

5a4525c6fc5508fa27f0ed229ad2cbde1396985147_fullSora and Shiro are shut-in, NEET siblings who are behind the legendary online gamer duo known as “Kuuhaku”. They view life as just another lousy game. One day they receive a strange email challenging them to a chess match. They win and are transported to the world of Disboard where they meet Tet, the god of games. This is a world where there is no war or violent conflict. Instead everything is resolved through the playing of games. Sora and Shiro discover that humans are at the bottom of the food chain in a world populated with sixteen different races. Now they have a new goal: unite the sixteen races of Disboard and defeat Tet.

Screenshot (214)This was a very interesting anime to watch. It follows a typical shounen plot structure with “epic” battles to the death around almost every corner, but it does so in such a way that neither of the two protagonists rely on their physical battle prowess or superpowers, but rather their intelligence regarding games. In every single game these two characters play against the other races in a battle of wits where both sides try to outsmart the other. I personally think this aspect of the series is very well done because there are several moments that are key to winning the game which look like either nothing but fanservice or comedy relief.

Screenshot (215)I really like the art style of this series. Everything is cute and colourful in the world of Disboard, contrasting with the dull realistic art style of Sora and Shiro’s world. Not only this but the designs for all of the races are also cool and creative despite the fact that many of them are classic fantasy races like elves. The characters are well written, though they don’t change much throughout the course of the series mainly because they are so good at games in a world where being good at games is a highly prized skill to have.

Screenshot (216)I recommend this series to anyone who wants something a little different. Just a little warning there is a good amount of fanservice in this series. Now watch this series because a prequel series is going to start airing soon.

Final Rating – 46/50

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KAIJU GIRLS anime review

82138Humanity’s battle against the monstrous beasts has come to the end. Now that the world is peaceful, girls with the souls of kaiju have begun to appear which gives them the ability to transform into human-sized forms of kaiju. They are known as Kaiju girls and this series of shorts follow their strange destinies as they act as superheroes and entertainment to the general public.

This is a cute series and since it’s a series of shorts it doesn’t take that long to watch all the episodes. The animation is decent and the characters are cute. KAIJU GIRLS is a good anime to watch if you just want to watch something cute.

Final Rating – 39/50

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Tamayura Hitotose (2011) anime review

45368Fuu Sawatari grew up in a small town with her father who loved photography. However after he died she along with her mother and younger brother left that small town to make grieving easier. Ever since Fuu has refused to open up her father’s photo albums because every time she opens one of them up she is reminded of her loss. After Fuu’s younger brother, Kou finds the photo albums and begins flipping through them she discovers that the photos inside now no longer make her sad, but instead remind her of all the good times she had with her father. Now she returns to the small town with her brother to live with her grandmother. A love of photography has been ignited inside her as she traverses her new life and makes new friends.

Screenshot (212)This is a cute anime about chasing dreams and finding what one loves to do in life. Each of the four main characters, plus Kou, have different artistic interests and their own dreams. The series follows them as they chase after their dreams and improve their skills in the form of art they have an interest in. My main issue with this anime is that the characters are mainly one dimensional even if a part of the plot is based on Fuu moving on from her grief. The characters do get a little better as the story goes on, but only through their particular art. I even found a couple of the characters’ quirks to be very annoying. You can only get so much of Maon whistling in response to everything and Norie obsessively chasing after Kou before it becomes painful to watch.

Screenshot (211)The animation was okay, though I don’t understand why there have to be so many split screen shots. I understand that it is so that the reactions of all four main characters can be seen at once in regards to food, but they react one at a time anyways. It is annoying and unneeded in this series.

I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys cute anime and to anyone who enjoys art. Despite its issues it is an okay series to watch if you want something both cute and calming.

Final Rating – 34/50