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Who is EclaDragon and Kirsten

Hello anyone who has come across this blog while searching the internet for something to read. If you have come via Google, Tumblr, or Twitter welcome to Ruminated Scrawlings, a blog with new posts published almost daily. I hope that there is at least something here that’ll pique your interest.

Here and in many other areas of the internet I am known as Ecla Dragon. This name comes from one of my first original characters and is the character who got me interested in writing as more than a hobby. The stories I typically write are set in fantastical worlds which I feel reflect this world, however I occasionally write contemporary fiction.

Off the internet I’m Kirsten and I’m currently studying archaeology and environmental science. I live in Canada and I have two dogs, two cacti, and a single tiny stuffed dragon. Aside from writing I also enjoy photography, astronomy, playing video games, and watching movies and stuff on the internet. If you ever want to talk to me about almost anything feel free to do it. You can find my preferred contact details in my Contact Me page or you can just DM me on Twitter or Twitch both of which I’ll put below.

If you decide that you like my blog please feel free to follow. You can either follow using your WordPress account or by using your email on the sidebar. Also feel free to follow me on any of my social media, I know that I don’t have that many actual social media accounts but by following at least my Twitter you’ll be able to see what I’m up to. I also hope to eventually create a community of my own so Twitter will be useful.

And thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy introduction.

Here is what I’m currently posting every week:

  • Reviews – Every week I’ll try my best to post two anime reviews, one movie review, and one book review. In addition to this I’ll also be posting a video game review every second week since they take the most time to write.
  • Writing Tips – I’m not a professional writer yet and I’ve only published a single short story thus far in my University’s literary journal, however I still want to help my fellow writers out. Each week I post one post in a series that I have called Lessons from an Amateur Writer or LfaAW. With this series I hope to both improve my own writing and give other writers tips so that they can also improve their writing.
  • Poetry and Fiction – I post one poem every week. These poems are inspired by my day to day life as a student and a writer who lives decently close to nature. I also post fiction though less often. I don’t currently have any ongoing fictional series though I have a couple on hiatus which may return at some point. I also want to occasionally post a very short story.
  • Personal/Writing Update Posts – These posts are more rare since I don’t often do things for myself. In these posts I write about personal achievements and fun things that I’ve done.
  • Commissions – I will post things if someone else has asked me to post about a specific topic, however I won’t post about anything bad or political, and if its a post that I cannot do without lying or breaking the law I will not write your post.

Social Media/Places I’ve Been Known to Hang Out

  • Twitter – @EclaTheDragon
  • Twitch – EclaDragon
  • Steam – ecladragon
  • NaNoWriMo – Pieplate
  • DeviantArt – Pieplate (you’ll only find very old work here)

Poetry Links:

Personal Achievements





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