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The Dark Army (2016) book review

25493815After a one on one battle against an enemy assassin costs him his life, Thomas Ward the Spook rose from the dead after the unexpected appearance from a strange creature who is a part of the light. He ends up leading an army with the witch assassin Grimalkin’s direction against the rising dark threat. Everything goes wrong and the situation seems hopeless until Thomas’ former ally Alice, a powerful witch turned to the dark appears. They manage to escape and are chased by the dark threat back to their familiar lands. Going home brings back old friends and old enemies.

This is the second book in the Starblade Chronicles by Joseph Delaney. I read his Spooks Apprentice series a while back and I enjoyed every book. Then I discovered that he was writing a new series with both old and new characters and I read those as well. This book is exactly what I hoped for. It has the near hopeless tone the later books in the Spooks Apprentice series had while also revealing a hint of hope in this world of light encroached by the dark.

I recommend this book to anyone who has read any of Joseph Delaney’s other books, however if you have read none of his other books I would recommend either reading the first book in this series which is A New Darkness or starting with The Spook’s Apprentice which is the first book in his Last Apprentice series. These books are easy to read and great for younger readers, while also being great for older readers. Though both series do get a bit dark and gory every now and then.

Final Rating – 44/50


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