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To the Moon Game Review

to_the_moon_coverThe Sigmund Corporation provides a wish fulfillment service using a technology that can create artificial memories. This can only legally be done with people on their death beds. Two Employees, Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts are sent to fulfill the lifelong dream of Johny Wyles. As they delve deeper into his memories to alter his memories to fulfill his dream of going to the moon they come to understand who he was as a person and how his relationship with his wife River Wyles affected who he was to become. Also as they do this job Eva and Neil may learn something about their own lives.

There is very little gameplay in this game since it is so storydriven. In the beginning you need to investigate your surroundings and collect information to use to progress. There are simple puzzles that you must solve which involve flipping tiles. Later on new features are introduced however the gameplay never gets more complicated then walking around finding stuff and solving puzzles. I had no problems with how the gameplay of this game worked. Because of this To the Moon is a very short and easy game which is completed on average within 4 hours.

To the Moon has a very strong plot and the reason for the simple gameplay mechanics is so that the player can continue the story and learn more about Johny Wyles faster. Everything in this game comes together successfully to make the story compelling. The music is varied and made me cry, smile, and almost have a heart attack at different points in the plot. It was beautiful and made me want to buy the official soundtrack. The sprite work and settings are well designed. The few times when the art was more than pixel art it was beautiful and I would hand these images on the wall if I happened to get a copy.

To the Moon is a game that I would give someone who couldn’t understand how video games can be art. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys melodrama and story driven games. Apparently there is an animated movie being adapted from this game which I think is pretty cool. I would see that movie. I was also happy to discover that there is a sequel which I’ll buy if its on sale during the Steam summer sale.

Final Rating – 50/50


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