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Shadow Stone update – August 13, 2017

I’ve been thinking about the order of events in this series for a little over a week now. Soon there will be enough content for it to be novel length. Today I’ll write about two things related to the series.

The first of these is the title. The Shadow Stone is only a shortened form of the title. The entire title is “The Final Chronicles of the Shadow Stone”. This is because the story I’m writing is only a small portion of the story of the shadow stone, as well as the ending to its story. Unfortunately this means that you will know roughly how the story ends as soon as you read the main objective of the central characters. Fortunately this is one of those stories where the journey is more important than the destination.

The second thing I want to write about is the setting of the series. The Sekkan kingdoms are a group of small countries to the east of the mountains that separate the kingdoms from the Ingrewian Empire. They are called the Sekkan kingdoms by Ingrewian because of the misunderstanding that everyone from the kingdoms is a follower of Sek, the being of evil from the Ansin religion. This is not the case. There are many religions in the kingdoms.

Many people in the Sekkan kingdoms believe in the fractured empire. They believe that once the kingdoms and the Ingrewian Empire were parts of a much larger empire that collapsed upon itself. Ingrewian don’t share this belief and believe that such an empire is destined to be created in the future after the Ingrewian empire has conquered the Sekkan kingdoms.

Because of this you can see how individuals from either side of the mountains see individuals from the other side.

See you next Sunday when I’ll give you all another preview of the Shadow Stone. Maybe I’ll be ready to write about one of the main characters.


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