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Amateur Writing Tip: Use Writing Prompts

If you don’t know what to write or you have a bad case of writer’s block you can use writing prompts. Prompts give you something to write about and depending on the prompt they can even help you become a better writer by forcing you to write about something you wouldn’t normally write about. They come in word, picture, and video form, though they are most often written out. You can Google search writing prompts and you will get a lot of prompts to choose from. You can also get books filled with them. One of the best ways to get writing prompts is by participating in weekly challenges because then the decision of which prompt to use is made for you.

You could also come up with writing prompts on your own. You can put them all in a notebook, a computer folder, or in a duotang. To make it fun and random put all your prompts on small pieces of paper and put them all in a jar. When you need a prompt all you have to do is reach into the jar and take one piece of paper out and use the prompt on that piece of paper.


One thought on “Amateur Writing Tip: Use Writing Prompts

  1. I really like looking at writing prompts, not to write from them but to solely start thinking of my own plot ideas. Irritating for the creators :P. But it’s always good look at prompts when in a rut. Good advice!! πŸ™‚

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