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Magical Girl Raising Project (2016) anime review

81087Koyuki Himekawa is a girl who has always idolized magical girls and has even wished to become one many times in the past. She has started playing the mobile game Magical Girl Raising Project because of her love for the genre. However her dream ends up coming true and she becomes the magical girl known as Snow White. As Koyuki and the other magical girls try to keep the city safe they all receive a notification. Apparently too many magical girls have been created and some have to be cut. A competition begins to find out who will continue being magical girls and who will be cut, but this competition takes a dark turn.

Screenshot (166)This is your typical magical girl series which gets very dark very fast. This is a series where many different characters die. In fact most of the characters end up dying by the end. The problem here is that you will most likely care very little about what happens to these characters because their backstory won’t be revealed until the episode they die in with two exceptions. There are just way too many characters.

Screenshot (168)But I do appreciate the interesting designs of all the magical girls and their powers. Who would have thought that the ability to swim through solid objects would be so overpowered. Or digging holes. Or any of the other powers. I enjoyed seeing how the multitude of magical girl abilities were used to their greatest effect.

Screenshot (170)I recommend this series to anyone who actually likes watching dark magical girl series other than Madoka Magica. Yes this is your typical magical girl series that turns dark fast, and it is often very bad, but I actually enjoyed this series. If you want to watch it you can find it on CrunchyRoll.

Final Rating – 37.9/50


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