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Kiitaro’s yokai picture diary (2016) anime review

81679Kiitaro is a young boy with a strong spirit sense who is thrown out of his house after he enters a forbidden storehouse. He soon finds a new place to live and meets a house spirit named Suzu. He and Suzu meet several different types of yokai as they go through their day to day lives. This series is Kittaro’s picture diary of all the yokai the two end up meeting.

Screenshot (157)This is a series of shorts. Each yokai is interesting in their own way. It is also laid back and can occasionally become cute. The animation is okay. By the end of the series the overarching story actually gets pretty good. If you want to watch a series that will introduce you to new types of yokai often ignored by other series in a very short amount of time this is the anime for you. If you want to watch it you can find it on CrunchyRoll.

Final Rating – 35/50


One thought on “Kiitaro’s yokai picture diary (2016) anime review

  1. I watched this series, and while I didn’t totally love it, it was kind of fun! I agree that it was a fun way to get introduced to a variety of somewhat lesser-known youkai, though the short format did limit what we could find out in each episode.

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