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The Rememberer – Chapter 3

Rowan Winters looked at the man who stood now in her doorway. He was dressed in a dark suit that looked both expensive and practical. He brushed a lock of sandy blonde hair out of his blue eyes and he smiled for some reason that Rowan could not fathom.

She knew for sure just by looking at him that she had never seen him before, yet somehow he seemed familiar to her. Maybe she had glimpsed him a few times as she walked down the street. Yes that had to be it. It could possibly also explain the reason as to why she felt he could be trusted.

“What do we have to talk about?” she exclaimed after he had spoken. She glared at him suspiciously.

He sighed. Placing his hand on his forehead. “I guess I was a little misleading there. Really most of what needs to be said to you is going to be explained by other people. I am merely the messenger.”



“For what?”

“Well it would probably help a little if I were to actually introduce myself. My apologies” He bowed slightly as though he were a prince and she a princess. “I am Albin Hoffmann, a proud Geist in service to the Council of the Hidden in this fair city. I have been sent by the Council to br8ng you to them as they know of your heritage and they wish to ask you a favour.”
Rowan tilted her head. What he just said did not make her trust him any more than she already did, not that she trusted him any more than her instincts already did. In fact, it somehow made her trust him even less. “My heritage? No one knows where I came from. Not even me, so why would some people I’ve never heard about know. People tried to find my parents long ago but they couldn’t even find any record of me. I don’t have a heritage.”

He chewed his lip. “Well…” he looked her straight in the eye, all fear suddenly gone. “You don’t know what you are, do you?”

“What I am? Ha. You can’t be serious. I’m a human of course. What else could I be?” She started closing the door.

“Wait.” He begged. “You do in fact have a heritage and there are some things I need to explain to you so please wait.”

He tried to push himself in. Rowan tried pushing him back out, but in the process, she touched his jacket.

She gasped as memories forced their way into the forefront of her mind. These were not her own memories, they were clearly someone else’s. This was something that happened all the time to her, only this time it was much much worse. She saw people who could not possibly be real. Were these the memories of a crazy person? But objects xouldnt be crazy. There were people with the wings of birds, with tails. People with scales and strangely coloured eyes. What she was seeing could not possibly be real. It was all a delusion, one that she had had all her life. This was a mixture of her own delusions and those from someone else.

“What did you do to me?” she asked weakly as he vision began to darken.

“I didn’t do anything.” He replied calmly. “It must be Bruno.”

As the world faded around her she heard the man say something.

“You have officially been  summoned by the Council, Rememberer.”

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