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Worldbuilding Tip: History and Archaeology

History is everything in a story that is not directly connected to the story, and archaeology is the attempt to learn more about history. If you were to draw a circle representing your story, and then drawing a massive circle around your story that will be the entire history of your world. Now draw a smaller circle that takes up exactly half of your massive circle. That will be everything historians know about history. Then draw another circle that takes up half of of your known history circle. This final circle is everything the average person knows about history. In the end you should have four circles with your story in the very centre.

History is an important aspect of any word because it adds a sense of realism. Your world should not exist just for the purpose of telling your story. It should exist to tell many stories. There should be other events happening at the same time as your story, and there needs to both be a past and a future as well. Your story should just be a a small piece of your world’s history. Create a history for your world and even if most of it never shows up in your story it can at least act as inspiration for other stories within your world.

Because there is so much history in your world that no one other than you knows about even in the world, you may include archaeologists to your world. The presence of archaeologists signifies an interest in the history that has been lost through the passage of time, and their inclusion in your story may help represent the viewpoints societies in your world have towards history.


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