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Fates book review

For the past several years Corinthe the fallen fate has been forced to work as an enforcer of fate on Humanus to atone for a grave mistake she made. Now she has a chance to return to her home and become a fate once more, however to do this she needs to kill Lucas Kaller. She suddenly finds herself feeling things she never thought possible for her to feel.

Fates is your average young adult supernatural romance. There is a boy and a girl, one of them is a supernatural being, and they fall in love. What differentiates this novel from at least most other supernatural romance novels however, is the way it ends. Obviously this is because there is a sequel. 

There are two ideas thrown around a lot in this novel. They are the belief that everything is fated and the belief that there is free will. Corinthe and Lucas represent the the duality of these two ideas. You will find yourself questioning which one is the better idea a few times throughout Fates.

I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys supernatural romance. This wasn’t the best novel I have ever read by a longshot, but it was still a good book to read to pass the time.

Final Rating – 39/50


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