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Keiju!!!!!!!! (2016) anime review

81906Japan’s newest competitive sport is keijo, a game where female-only participants must knock each other off a floating platform called land in a swimming pool similar to a game of king of the hill. The thing is that only the breasts and butts of the participants can be used to knock other participants off. Nozomi Kaminashi has just graduated high school and is entering the world of keijo with the hope of getting rich. She was a gifted gymnast and is using her skills in keijo. Nozomi meets several new friends and rivals on her road to be one of the best keijo athletes. She soon learns that in order to succeed in the world of keijo she must challenge both her body and her soul.

Screenshot (153)This is an interesting anime because it seems as though it would be nothing but fanservice, but in reality it is so much more than that. Keijo is a series which parodies other sports anime. Most of the special moves are named after an actual boxing or wrestling or other move found in other anime, except with a word replaced by butt. Some of the words are direct references to other nonsport anime. It can be hilarious to watch the characters yell out the names of these moves over and over again with a serious face and voice.

Screenshot (155)The characters are flat and greatly underdeveloped in this series which is to be expected because this was adapted from a manga and there are so many characters who need character development. From what I’ve heard they added scenes to the anime to add fanservice which they did not need to do. This limited the amount of character development they could have had in this series even further. The only time you hear about Nozomi’s true reason for going into keijo it is when she is excited after hearing the teacher tell her about all the money she could make using the move she accidently pulled off. In the manga this is explained earlier on and there are actual character introductions. This is an amazing anime but a poor adaptation of the Keijo manga.

Screenshot (156)I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good anime without a deep plot. It is amazing as a parody anime, but not so great as an adaption. I hope someday this gets a second season.

Final Rating – 40/50


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