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Eromanga Sensei (2017) anime review

86468lOne year ago Sagiri Izumi became the step-sibling of Masamune Izumi, however the sudden death of their parents soon after teared their new family apart and caused Sagiri to become a shut-in, isolating herself from her new brother and society. Masamune has been working as a published light novel author. He has never met his illustrator Eromanga Sensei who is known for drawing the most lewd erotica. After an embarrassing chain of events Masamune learns that Eromanga Sensei was Sagiri the entire time. Together they face the light novel industry looking for success and their relationship grows.

Screenshot (151)At times this is an awkward anime to watch mostly because of the implied sexual attraction between Masamune and Sagiri, however it soon becomes clear that what Masamune wants most is to have a strong familial relationship with his sister. Underneath all the awkward romance is a story about what it means to succeed in the writing industry and what it means to be a writer. All the light novel authors in this series has a reason to write and they actually share their reasons later on in the series. This is a series that I think a lot of published authors can relate to.

Screenshot (150)Of course most of the characters are flat and cliched. The only two true round characters are Masamune and Sagiri as you would expect. A lot of the situations the characters find themselves are highly fanservice-y which can be very annoying. Even scenes that don’t need fanservice become fanservice-y because of Sagiri and Elf Yamada Sensei which I find highly annoying. And again there are times where this series becomes awkward to watch.

Screenshot (147)Eromanga Sensei is not by any means a bad anime, however its reliance on fanservice and an implied romantic relationship between Masamune and Sagiri causes it to become less than okay several times. I would recommend this to writers and to people who actually like watching anime with fanservice. I did in fact enjoy it, but I may not watch a second season if one ever comes out.

Final Rating – 36/50


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