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The Mountain of Kept Memory book review

For centuries, Kieba the last goddess in the world has worked to defend the world against plagues. She lives in a mountain in the small desert coastal country known as Carastind and has supported the royal family of that same country. Now invaders from a distant land come to the shores of Carastind and Kieba refuses to help because the king has offended her somehow. It is up to Gulden the crown prince and Oressa the princess to protect their country from the dangers that lie both outside and within.

This is one of the better high fantasy novels I have read that has not been recommended to me by anyone. Rachel Neumeier did a good job. This is a shame because the world is real enough that you could practically step into it and learn about Earth while still being different enough from our own reality that it acts as a source of escapism. The characters are all very interesting and the history of this world is just as interesting.

I just have to say that Oressa is the single best princess I have ever found in any story. She is brave, curious, intelligent, and best of all she actually acts as more than the damsel and distress. If you read this novel for only a single reason read it so you can get to know Oressa, or Press as autocorrect wants to call her.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading a good high fantasy novel. I swear you will not want to put this book down once you start reading it.

Final Rating – 49/50


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