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Going on a Dig

So I am going to have some difficulty getting wifi for the next 6 weeks so I have made sure to write all my posts ahead of time. I finished doing this today. A couple of these posts are book reviews and if the cover image I have put into the posts look a little bit out of place it is because I had to insert them on the mobile app which does not have options for how the text should interact with images. Maybe this can be fixed if my “editer” ever accepts my invitation. I’ve also written a chapter of the Rememberer for every Thursday I’m at school this summer. They just need a bit more editing before they’re released. I hope you enjoy this little side project of mine.

I had an interesting flight yesterday. I woke up at 6 because of my dog and noticed that I had an email from the airline saying that my second flight was delayed by several hours. This messed up my plans to go shopping that night. This delay was caused by a broken windshield and it got delayed further when I was on the plane because the air traffic control people were having computer issues. Then I had a couple of issues with the place I’m staying because the person who told me they made me a reservation for this weekend never actually made me a reservation. Then I had pizza at midnight which was fun.

All that matters now is that I’m here now and I’m going to be taking a summer field school course for archaeology. I hope I have fun and learn a lot. Plus I’ve just learned that blogging takes up a very small amount of data if you do it right so I can write posts and edit posts and do all those other things.

Now I think I should stop blogging because my ipod has been playing for a few hours and I thought it was a person in the room next to mine who had the exact same musical tastes as I do.

Good night.


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