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Natsume Yujinchou (seasons 1 to 6, 2008-2017) anime review

28859Takashi Natsume has always led a difficult life, or at least it has been difficult ever since his parents died. He has been passed from relative to relative. People call him a liar because he says he is able to see things that no one else has. Because of this he has become a loner. The truth is that he is able to see yokai and has the potential to be a powerful exorcist. One day while running away from a yokai he trips over a shrine and is rescued by the small lucky cat thing that comes out. This cat is later named Nyanko-Sensei. It turns out the yokai was chasing Natsume because it had mistaken him for his grandmother and it wanted its name returned to it. Natsume learns that he has inherited the Book of Friends from his grandmother, a book filled with the names of yokai which can be used to control or destroy all the yokai whose names are found within.

Screenshot (130)This is a great anime that hasn’t reduced in quality during its run time. It is actually still ongoing and its still going strong. It is episodic in nature and each episode a new yokai is introduced, helped by Natsume and then it goes away. Sometimes the yokai stay as recurring characters. Occasionally there are two or three parter episodes but these usually only come at the end of seasons.

Screenshot (129)Each story in this series is heartwarming and the yokai are all adorable. Everything takes a calm, gentle tone except for the few scenes which can get your heart racing. Since this is a yokai anime it can get pretty creepy at times, but it always returns to its calm, heartwarming tone. The best part about this series is that you can start watching anywhere. The first episode of each season always begins with Natsume briefly explaining the plot so, and each episode has a self contained plot of its own meaning that you will know what’s going on wherever you start watching. I would however recommend starting from the first episode of the first season because this is an excellent anime.

Screenshot (127)I would recommend this series to anyone who wants to watch an anime but doesn’t have enough time to get into an anime with a greater focus on an overarching plot because of its episodic nature. I would also recommend Natsume Yujinchou to anyone who enjoys yokai anime  because this is one of the best yokai anime I have watched so far.

Final Rating – 47/50


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