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Amateur Writing Tip: Keeping a Writer’s Journal

A writer’s journal can be a notebook or a folder on the computer. Basically a writer’s journal is a place where you can put all your unused ideas, inspirational photos, videos, and documents, and things you have observed in your writing. My writer’s journal is a notebook where I write all my story ideas. It is set up like a normal journal. I date each entry so that I have a good idea of how old the idea is and how that idea has changed over time. I also use stream of consciousness in it a lot to help me develop ideas into larger ideas and to help me get a good idea of how my writing is doing at that moment.

A writer’s journal can be helpful when you are lacking inspiration or are suffering from writer’s block. It can be in any format. Each format has its own pros and cons so you will have to figure those out to find the format best for you. For example files on a USB stick have a chance of corrupting which increases every time you access them, but a USB stick also allows you to keep a lot of files in one spot and allows you to carry them all around easily. A notebook allows you add to your writer’s journal even if you don’t have a computer or a decent internet connection, but it’s more difficult to add things to a notebook which will inspire you such as pictures and videos to the point where it is impossible to put an entire video into a notebook.


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