Posted in 2017

Hinako Note (2017) anime review

84858Hinako lives in the countryside, is very shy, and is able to attract animal to come to her. She often freezes up when trying to talk to people which essentially turns her into a scarecrow. After essentially working as a scarecrow for some people in her village she decides that she wants to try to get better at talking to people, so she leaves the countryside to come to Tokyo where she intends to join the drama club at her new school. When she arrives in Tokyo she discovers that the boarding house she’s going to be living in is actually a second-hand bookstore and a cafe, and a beautiful girl who eats books lives there as well. Also there is a teenage girl who is often mistaken for a young child who wears maid outfits, and the landlord who is an actress herself. Hilarity ensues.

Screenshot (125).pngThis anime can be described as being about cute girls doing cute things. Each episode they do something different. The main plot is simple which allows for practically anything to happen. While I found some of the jokes to be a little bit funny, most jokes either fell flat for me or were just plain annoying. The characters are all cliched, and I swear you could make any of these girls ten years younger and they will still be the same person. Throughout the entire series the only change I noticed in any characters was how Hinako became slightly better at talking to people.

Screenshot (51).pngThis series is good as a way to pass the time, just don’t expect to actually get anything out of it. The one thing I actually got out of this series was that now I want to get a dragon onesie really bad. Just look at Kuina wearing that adorable outfit. If you want a series full of cute girls here’s a good anime for you. If you want to watch anything else, literally watch anything else. You can find this series on Crunchyroll

Final Rating – 28/50


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