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The Other Einstein book review

28389305The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict follows the life of Mileva “Mitza” Maric starting when she enters university to study physics and continues as she meets, falls in love with, marries, then divorces Albert Einstein. This is an interesting, well written historical fiction novel looking at a female physicist who lived when being such a person was often frowned upon and who currently has a lot of speculation surrounding her in terms of the theory of relativity.

You know when you read a book and you have difficulty talking about it afterwards. Well for me this is one of those books. After I finished I sat there thinking about it for several minutes before I was forced to move on to the next book. There were moments where I had to put it down for a second to recompose myself because I was a volunteer in a place where I often have to interact with people. This isn’t normally something that I say about a book, well it is actually something I say about a lot of books but it is something this novel does well. It didn’t change my life, but it did make me think about some really difficult topics.

The Other Einstein was well researched , and though many details are based on pure speculation and not hard facts, and a couple scenes are complete fiction I feel that it got many details right such as the discrimination against Jewish and Slavic people, and the rise of women in science. Many of the events in Mileva’s life were inferred from the letters she wrote to various individuals including Albert Einstein.

I recommend that you read this novel if you want something interesting to read, and if you like historical fiction. At times the narrative gets so emotional and it is such a good book. You will learn a lot about possible events in the past, as well as theories in physics by reading this book.

Final Rating – 46/50


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