Posted in 2017, poetry, Writing

A Single Crow

A single crow sits on a post

cawing for the attention of its kin.

It’s wings do not move,

it’s feathers do not flutter,

it’s beak only opens to let out a cry.

It cries into the silent shadows

not expecting the noise to be heard.

A crow on a nearby post

hears the cawing from afar.

It spreads its wings and flies

up into the air, free.

It searches for the fearful creature

but find nothing until the

other crow cries once more.

The first crow is joined by the other.

They do not fly from each other,

they do not gaze at each other in fear.

One caw in unison is all it takes

before they open their wings

and fly off into the night

together as one, no reason to fear,

no longer alone.


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