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Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (2017) anime review

85593The Alzano Empire is home to one of the best magic schools in the world: the Alzano Magic Academy. Here young people aspiring to become mages learn the basics of all forms of magic so that they can get better at magic for their future careers. Sistine Fibel, a tsundere noble, and her friend Rumia Tingel are students at the academy. One day while walking to school they bump into their new temporary teacher Glenn Radars who only got the job because the last teacher resigned suddenly and an old friend recommended him. However he is the laziest teacher ever despite having a vast knowledge of magic due to his enigmatic past. Dark forces are hidden within the empire, and these three characters are in the centre of their nefarious schemes.

Screenshot (132).pngThis is a harem anime so it is no surprise that all the female characters are cliched anime girls. Sistine is a tsundere, though she is not the worst tsundere I have found in anime by far. Rumia is the normal girl. Re=L is a low key yandere, and Celica is the beautiful older woman. These are all positions I have seen filled by characters in harem animes in the past. Not only this but the school uniforms are ridiculous for the girls. The wear cropped tops and short skirts connected together via garter belts and straps which leaves their midriffs completely bare. This uniform is ridiculous and it is made even worse when you notice that the male uniforms actually look like typical school uniforms.

Screenshot (131).pngOne thing I enjoyed about this anime was its magic system. I felt it was well thought out and the fact spells rely not only on wordings but also on inflection was incredible. This anime took the classic verbal spell system and made it new. Unfortunately only a few spells were shown in detail throughout this series. I would have wished to have seen a wider variety of spells being cast even if the majority of the cast is made up of high school students who may not know a ton of spells.

Screenshot (133).pngThe plot seemed rushed at times and it would have been better if the last bit of the plot was moved to the second season to allow for character development and keep the plot moving at a better pace. What makes this worse is the fact that the last episode was building up for a second season, and some scenes involving Glenn being a pervert could have been cut to make this season better. The villains were also nothing special.

Screenshot (135)I enjoyed watching this anime however it has a lot of flaws. Because of this I don’t recommend you watch this series unless you enjoy harem anime, or you like a good magical system. If there is a second season I hope it improves upon a lot of the bad aspects of this series so that I can enjoy it more. Introducing a new interesting character might do the trick.

Final Rating – 31.5/50


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