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The Royal Tutor (2017) anime review

85517Heine Wittgenstein has been called by the King of Grannzreich to become the royal tutor for his four youngest sons. This is a position that many people had quit in recent years. Heine accepts and heads to the palace. Each of the princes has a distinctive personality. Licht is the flirtatious youngest prince, Leonhard is immature, Bruno is studious, and Kai is intimidating. Heine attempts to connect with each of the princes to groom them for the throne, however his dark past could possibly threaten the harmony within the kingdom.

Screenshot (137).pngThis is a lighthearted series which follows Heines attempts to teach the princes. Though each of the characters are actually pretty cliched and flat, these characters can at times be lovable and help generate humour within the series. Heine himself is a fantastic teacher and his only weaknesses are his childlike appearance and the fact that he can’t draw at all. It is possible that this may look like a different type of show to you from looking at the poster and the screenshots but I assure you there are no sexual undertones in The Royal Tutor.

Screenshot (115).pngThe main theme explored in this series is the fact that you should not make assumptions based on someone’s appearance. Each of the episode contained character arcs go back to this. This theme is made blatantly clear after Heine has finished connecting with all the princes on his first day and again at the end.

Screenshot (138)This is a fantastic anime that you should watch if you want to watch something entertaining. A possible second season was teased at the end of the first and I hope they actually end up making it. This was an entertaining series from start to finish and if you want to watch it you can find it on CrunchyRoll.

Final Rating – 42/50


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