Posted in 2017

Just a quick question

So I want to have a post for everyday of both July and August. I won’t be able to write the posts as I go for much of the summer so I’m trying to write them all ahead of time. The problem is that I’ve neglected to read enough books to have a book review every Monday. This is fine because I have a poem, but I still want a book review for every Monday on top of that. I don’t think I’ll be able to read enough poems in time. Usually I wouldn’t allow this, but I can fix this problem by allowing my twin sister to write book reviews for the weeks where I have none. Would anyone be opposed to me doing this? I mean this isn’t the type of blog where that type of thing happens, but it may be useful to have a second person to also write posts. Please write your answers in the comments.


One thought on “Just a quick question

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs regularly. Your sister’s contributions are fine with me. Thank you for asking. Thank you for thinking ahead and sharing your creativity.


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