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Common Symbols: Anchor

Anchors are very common modern symbols. They only tend to symbolize one thing, that being strength given by someone or something else. An anchor digs into the ocean floor and prevents the boat from moving to far off course. It protects the people on the boat from getting lost and keeps them safe. When there is a storm anchors are meant to keep the boat from being blown completely off course. I once heard someone talk about how anchors shouldn’t be such a positive symbol because anchors sink and obviously boats would be the better symbol, however it is not because of how anchors sink but rather because they keep the boat from floating away that makes this such a positive symbol.

Putting down an anchor can symbolize the safe end of a long journey especially when that journey was made over an ocean or has some other connection to water. When an anchor is raised out of the water it can symbolize the start of a new adventure, safety, or hope.


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