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The Collector

An eagle sits atop a wall staring out away from the building it guards. Behind the stone bird was an old house where a collector once lived. He travelled far and wide to gather the most intriguing artifacts and bring them all back to join his ever filling house. Despite everything he still somehow managed to keep everything organized according to which continent he found them, something which he took a lot of pride in.

His prized possession was that eagle which once sat atop a different wall in Rome. He kept it outside so that everyone could see it, and he kept it facing outwards so it would be able to see any would be thieves.

However he later found that he should have had the bird facing inwards so that it could watch him.

He died not that long ago. Archaeologists and museum curators took his collection and gave everything new homes where they would be safe and where people could see and learn about their history. The people who took his collection all called him a thief, but to this man he wasn’t stealing anything. Instead he built a hobby out of collecting new friends.

This story is for Sunday Photo Fiction where writers must write a story based on a prompt which is around 200 words long. More information can be found here. Other stories for this challenge can be found here.

Photo comes from A Mixed Bag.


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