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The Bookstore

The bookstore had been there for nearly a century. The shelves were lit by light bulbs dangling from the ceiling which had been installed only two decades before. There never seemed to be a speck of dust on the shelves and though the hardwood floor could at times be covered in dirt because of thoughtless customers, the employees always made sure they swept it well at least once a day.

Though the store was rather small, many customers came in each day to look through the many books and maybe find something that catches their interest. Now a teenaged girl searched for the perfect book to read in her spare time. She picked up one of the thickest books on the shelf and leafed through it before sighing and putting it back on the shelf.

An employee noticed her and for some reason he felt she was sad. He decided against going to help her because he felt that sometimes people just need some space to think. But despite the fact the teenager was surrounded by the words of over a hundred different people she felt more alone than ever.

When the store closed she was still searching.

This was written as a part of Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner week #24. Writers need to write a piece of flash fiction below 200 words based on a photo prompt. The challenge post can be found here. Other stories related to the prompt can be found here.

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