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Yaha-kui zaShunina and the Anisotropic – Kado: The Right Answer

Kado: The Right Answer is one of the best anime series from this season as well as the smartest. It uses philosophy and scientific theory in an interesting way and presents those watching with subtle philosophical questions related to morality among other things. Yaha-kui zaShunina is a being with floaty hands who came to Earth in a giant cube he calls Kado and he claims he has come from a place called the anisotropic which he claims is outside of the universe. He claims that he is there to help advance humanity and this seems true at first but after the last episode (Nanomis-hein) it is clear that he is different than he seems and has motivations beyond what he has claimed as his sole reason for introducing himself to humankind.

Before Yaha-kui zaShunina exited Kado with the Japanese negotiator Kojiro Shindo and presented the Wam to the world the media was focused on why there was a giant cube that landed on an airstrip and swallowed up/crushed a plane full of people and the Japanese SDF tried to get inside/destroy the giant cube that was obstructing the runway of a major airport. This is because that is the natural response if something like this were to happen in real life. After the anisotropic being presented the Wam to the Japanese government everyone just seemed to trust him and it even looked as though he was trying to make those who didn’t trust him yet to as well.

There have been several protesters shown throughout the series. None of them were protesting the apparent trust their government was giving to a being they knew next to nothing about. The first protesters were protesting about the fact that the Prime Minister of Japan nearly started a war with the United Nations. The second group of protesters was protesting about how there was a giant cube blocking the sun which helped them dry wet clothes, and allowed plants to flourish. While I’m sure that there must be people in this world who were protesting this misplaced trust, they were never shown. This allowed people watching the series to not doubt Yaha-kui zaShunina until Saraka Tsukai asked Shindo to help her make the anisotropic being leave the universe.

Now one of the first questions I asked myself while watching Kado: The Right Answer was what exactly is the anisotropic. That question was answered during last episode. Before I assumed that it was a parallel dimension to Earth similarly to how Narnia exists parallely to our world. I thought this because it made more sense to me, but after this last episode I was proven wrong. The anisotropic is actually in a higher dimension than Earth.

You get the first dimension when you extend a point along a plane forming a line. You get the second dimension when you extend that line in the other direction forming a square. You get the third dimension which is where we are by extending that square in yet another direction forming a cube. You can get the fourth dimension by extending that cube in another direction forming a shape known as a tesseract. You can keep doing this an infinite amount of times. We can only see a part of the dimension directly above us. According to the anime the anisotropic is the thirty-sixth dimension. Another interesting thing I found was the fact that the word anisotropic refers to a directionally dependent property of a material. Another term used outside of the subtitles which I found on MyAnimeList was Novo which is “new” in latin and I think it has something to do with the latin phrase “de Novo” which means from the beginning.

Both those terms have something to do with the world. Anisotropic refers to the fact that people can only see this dimension if they look in a certain direction which they cannot possibly look without help. This is why Yaha-kui zaShunina has to convert himself to the third dimension in the second episode (technically the third) and why all the anisotropic devices he gives to the people take such a long time to make because he has to convert them to the third dimension as well.

Novo refers to the story which he tells Shindo during this past episode. If this story is correct in the world of the anime it means that the anisotropic has been there since the beginning, way before even Earth.

This is what I found out when researching the theoretical science and the language used in Kado: The Right Answer. I just found it so interesting. I would love to go into some of the philosophical aspects of the series but if I do I know I’ll end up going places I do not want to go on this blog. The writers as well as the translators at CrunchyRoll of this series did their research when writing the series/translating the subtitles. I can’t wait to see what happens during tomorrow’s episode after what happened last episode. I just know it will still be one of the best anime’s of the season.


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