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Amateur Writing Tip: Planners and Pantsers

In NaNoWriMo people are either pantsers or planners. Pantsers write by the seat of their pants and do little to no planning before writing. Planners plan out everything before writing. Both of these writing methods have their own pros and cons, and there will be times when either being a planner or a pantser is good for your writing. Also there is such thing as a hybrid between the two known as a planster which is what I identify as.

A planner knows everything that is going to happen in the story. They know everything about the characters and the settings. This can help eliminate writer’s block, but at the same time by writing like this it can limit spontaneous creativity. Also as they write they may discover that their original plan is not working which will trigger writer’s block anyways.

A pantser on the other hand knows next to nothing about what is going to happen in their story. They may have just had a burst of inspiration and they want to get straight to writing the story. This allows for a lot of spontaneous creativity but it leaves the writer in danger of getting stuck because they cannot think of what happens next.

Being a planner is beneficial to writing longer stories such as novels. Being a pantser is beneficial to writing short and flash fiction. If you want to be a planster all you have to do is write a rough outline so you know at least where your story is headed and a little bit of what happens between the beginning and the end. It is good to know when to and not to use each of these writing methods.


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