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Masamune-kun’s Revenge (2017) anime review

83709When Masamune Makabe was a child he was bullied by a wealthy and beautiful girl and given the name Pig’s Foot because of his chubby appearance. Years later, after working hard to improve himself he encounters that same girl, Aki Adagaki. He has come up with the perfect plan to get revenge on Aki and this involves making her fall in love with him before he dumps her in a spectacular fashion. He is helped by Aki’s maid, Yoshino Koiwai who claims that she wants to teach her boss a lesson but gives no specifics as to what that lesson is. This anime is a romantic comedy involving two equally vain and damaged individuals.

Screenshot (58)At first I hated all the characters. Masamune was impossible to like because the first time you see him in the anime he is posing in front of the mirror without a shirt on after a shower in his room. He refuses to eat the food his mother made him for breakfast because it contains too many calories. Aki is no different because she is standing on the school roof revealing all the embarrassing secrets of a boy who asked her out for the entire school to hear. After I finished watching this series I only slightly disliked these two characters. There are also some characters who fit into anime archetypal characters which I find slightly annoying.

Screenshot (59)There are a couple interesting plot points which was the only reasons why I continued watching this series other than the fact that I hoped both Masamune and Aki would change after they discovered the truth about each other. Of course the final major plot point is resolved by the end of the second to last episode. I don’t like how the last episode seems so much like filler or how nothing is different between the beginning and ending of the series in terms of Masamune’s and Aki’s relationship. Both this and the unlikable characters are major flaws in Masamune-kun’s Revenge.

Screenshot (61)But even so, I enjoyed watching this series. It is an interesting romantic comedy and I’ll be sure to watch season two if it ever comes out. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys romantic comedy. I do not however recommend this series to anyone who is looking for actual likable characters because you will not find them in this series, at least not in the main cast.

Final Rating – 42/50

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