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Within the Sanctuary of Wings book review

29939027After Lady Trent, a dragon researcher hears of an odd discovery made by some explorers in the mountains she goes on an expedition with some close friends and a couple other people to investigate. What she discovers there will change the way people view dragons forever. She herself will change as she finds herself in the Sanctuary of Wings.

This book, written by Marie Brennan was only published in April of this year and I am surprised that I was able to get it from the library immediately. This is the fifth and last book of The Memoirs of Lady Trent which are written from the perspective of Lady Isabella Trent. I accidently read this book before reading the first four books but I still found it incredible. I probably wouldn’t have even picked it up if it weren’t for the beautiful dragons on the cover.

Within the Sanctuary of Wings combines two of my interests, archaeology and dragons. There is also a little bit of anthropology, linguistics, and biology mixed in. The way these fields were incorporated into the story was amazing. Even though I ended up reading the last book in the series first I could understand everything. After I finished reading it my mind was filled with philosophical thoughts.

The characters are interesting but I feel like all the characters minus Lady Trent were developed more in the earlier books, which isn’t a problem but rather me reading the last book first. The reactions the characters had to what was going on was both realistic and accurate to their personalities. The dragons are also very interesting. Marie Brennan, the author has created scientific reasons for the way dragons are. The world the characters and the dragons live in is well built and also realistic.

I enjoyed reading Within the Sanctuary of Wings though it was slow at first until the main discovery was made. By reading the last book in the series first I now want to read the first four books because I want to know more about Lady Trent’s adventures. Also any books that feature both dragons and archaeology are immediately put on my to read list. I recommend that you read this book if you have an interest in both science and fantasy.

Final Rating: 48.9/50


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