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The man was overjoyed when his young daughter begged him to play chess with her while clutching the box to her chest. Together they took all the pieces out of the box and set up the board. His daughter chose the pieces made of clear glass, he took the frosted glass pieces. After they were all set up they started the game.

His daughter wasn’t very good at the game. She had only learned how to play chest a few months before so she still made a lot of mistakes. Each time she made a mistake such as moving a bishop sideways he would tell her what she did wrong so that she could get better at the game. At first she wasn’t too happy when he did this, but after a while she just followed his instructions and gained a better grasp of the rules.

She didn’t win this time. She had yet to win, but she hoped that one day she could beat her father at chest. For now the two were just happy to play the game together.

This story is for Sunday Photo Fiction where writers must write a story based on a prompt which is around 200 words long. More information can be found here. Other stories for this challenge can be found here.

Photo comes from A Mixed Bag


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