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Going Out on the Lake

The surface of the lake rippled softly as Doug climbed down into the boat. He took inventory of everything he had brought with him as well as everything already in the boat as he waited for his friend to arrive. He wanted to be sure that they could go out on the lake as soon as they arrived.

After a several minutes he realized that his friend was going to be late so he climbed back onto the pier and looked out at the lake. The gentle waves lapped against the the stairs he had built only a few years before that went down into the water. He wanted to be sure that his kids, whenever he ended up getting kids would be able to play in the water.

Other cottages like his own dotted the coastline. Most were empty. The cold nip of winter had yet to leave completely. He himself was still bundled up in layers of clothes. But the feeling of being out on the water once again allowed him to ignore the snow that still clung to the forest floor but nowhere else. He couldn’t wait to get out there with his friend.

This was written as a part of Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner week #24. Writers need to write a piece of flash fiction below 200 words based on a photo prompt. The challenge post can be found here. Other stories related to the prompt can be found here.



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