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Amateur Writing Tip: Write to the Sound of Music

Now this is a tip I rarely use when writing mainly because music can easily distract me from my writing. Music has several uses in writing. It can block out distracting noises, and it is able to influence the tone of your writing. I would recommend using instrumental music rather than music containing words because words can distract you and you may find that you will unconsciously write the lyrics into your work; though you could also play the music so quietly that you can barely hear and understand the lyrics.

You can either use a playlist on Youtube or another site that someone made specifically for writing or studying, or you can make your own playlist. To make your own playlist listen to a bunch of different songs and choose the ones that you could imagine playing over the scenes in your work if your story ever becomes a movie. Give different characters and settings their own themes to keep your playlist short so that you aren’t scrolling through pages of songs looking for the one you chose for a certain event.

Now the alternative to using music if all you want is something to drown out audible distractions is white noise. There are tons of videos on Youtube devoted just to white noise. They may be anywhere from an hour to an entire day long. Most of these videos require that you turn the volume down so much that you can barely hear the noises. There are also several different types of white noise. You can listen to anything from a rainstorm to outer space. I usually use white noise instead of music because normally all I want is to be able to drown out audible distractions. People can be loud and distracting when you are writing something. Also feel free to use this tip for other things like studying.


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