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The Future Diary (2011-2012) anime review

Mirai Nikki posterYukiteru Amano is a lonely high school student who thinks of himself as an observer. He writes down everything he observes around him in the diary on his phone. He has two “imaginary” friends, Deus Ex Machina the god of space and time, and his servant Murmur. One day he learns that his friends are not imaginary but rather the real deal and Deus gives Yukiteru the Indiscriminate Diary which tells him everything he’s going to observe in the future. He is then forced to participate in a death game with 11 other people with their own future diaries. Whoever wins gets to be the new god of time and space. Yukiteru is aided by his obsessive stalker Yuno Gasai who also has a diary as he tries to survive.

Screenshot (53)The Future Diary (also known as Mirai Nikki) is a very dark show filled with many eccentric characters with tragic backstories. While some of the characters are very annoying and bizarre, all the characters add something to the series. The main two character’s, Yukiteru and Yuno especially go through serious things throughout the course of the plot and even before the beginning. These characters are definitely not likable characters, but what they are is interesting.

Screenshot (52)The psychological thriller part of The Future Diary for at least part of the series. There were times when I felt I needed to watch the next episode as soon as possible because I wanted to know if a character was alright. Looking back that may have been because of the presence of cliffhangers. Of course there were other times where I got bored and I left the series for a little bit to watch something else. This is expected in a survival game type story with multiple threats that come after the main characters one after another rather than all at once. I feel more could have been done to keep viewers interesting, though of course no anime series is made for binge watching.

Screenshot (56)I enjoyed watching this series. I recommend that you watch The Future Diary, however keep in mind that the version on Crunchyroll is not censored meaning that all the scenes containing nudity and extreme violence have been unaltered. There are a lot of these scenes as to be expected. However there is one episode not on Crunchyroll which gives a lot of insight into the confusing ending. I recommend that you try to find a way to watch that episode on another site.

Final Rating – 43/50


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