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The Corrupted Hero System in My Hero Academia – Fiction Talk


In this series about 90% of the population of Earth has some form of special power known as a quirk. A quirk can literally be anything and throughout the series there are both highly creative quirks such as being able to eject tape out of your arms to less creative quirks such as power over fire and ice. In this world heroes are people who protect civilians from villains because there will always be people who use their power for evil, as well as from natural disasters and other forms of physical harm. People who take heroism as their profession are known as Pro Heroes.

However Pro Heroes are not just superpowered police officers. That is how it should be because then everyone can get along and the only thing that matters is helping people out and maybe gaining a tiny bit of power by rising up in the ranks, But instead there is a hero ranking system and Pro Heroes are treated the same way as famous pop singers and athletes. The fact that there even is a number one hero in this world is extremely flawed.

Also not everyone can become a Pro Hero because of the vast variety of quirks in this world. The people with quirks more suited to combat and taking criminals down are the most likely to become Pro Heroes, while everyone else can only dream. From some dialogue in the first episode of season 1 it is clear that heroes look down on ordinary police officers, but wouldn’t it make more sense if police officers and Pro Heroes were a part of the same force. I know that the police officers in the series do help the heroes, but I feel like all the heroes do for the police officers is get in the way of investigations and ignore common criminals in order to go after the less common quirked criminals.

Now I feel like this is going to need to change in the future of this world. I think that’s what Deku’s story is all about. He is in school to become a Pro Hero not for money or fame or to fulfill some other selfish desire, but rather to help people with a smile on his face just like his biggest role model, All Might. He wants to become the number one hero simply because he wants to get better, but he is also helping those around him to become better people.

Last episode when Deku helps Todoroki come to terms with the full extent of his power and overcome some things that happened in his past, he didn’t do it to become the best. He gave up winning the tournament to do this plus he was severely injured before the match was forcefully ended. I believe the world is going to change because of Deku in some way, I just hope that this change fixes some of the problems of the Pro Hero system.


2 thoughts on “The Corrupted Hero System in My Hero Academia – Fiction Talk

  1. I feel the flawed ssytem both with heroes and with the school are there deliberately to make us think about the real world and osme of the flaws that exist in the systems and processes we accept as common practice (or at least I feel it can be interpreted that way). That said, I agree that Midoriya’s actions within the class are at least starting to change his classmates’ views about what it means to be a hero and that might be the start of a change for the better.
    Thanks for sharing a thoughtful post.


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