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No. 6 (2011) anime review

53953After the end of a long bloody war many years before, humans took shelter in six city-states each with the most creative name ever. These city-states were supposed to be perfect places where everyone can be happy and get along and have fun, but as is the case with most utopian societies in fiction that is not the case. Shion, a resident of the city-state No. 6 gains a new perspective and is forced to go down a different path than he had planned when he meets Nezumi (Rat). Nezumi is a fugitive and Shion helps him out. A few years later when the two boys meet again Nezumi is the one helping Shion out after an incident where he doubts No. 6 and a giant wasp comes out of his friends neck.

Screenshot (30)No. 6 is a weird series. Nezumi has an army of robotic rats because of course the guy named Rat needs to have some connection to rats other than his name. Shion is unchanging except for when his physical appearance changes which is not a spoiler because its on all the posters. He is flat except for the fact that he has an eccentric personality. He is also very smart which ends up doing nothing for him. In fact most of the characters are pretty flat representing different ideals and perspectives rather than being well-developed.

Screenshot (32)While I did enjoy watching No. 6 due to some interesting worldbuilding, decent animation, and a couple interesting scenes involving the two main characters, afterwards I got nothing out of it but an overwhelming feeling of disappointment. This could have been an amazing series but it wasn’t. I recommend this to anyone who has a few hours to waste, however I do not recommend it to anyone who has Melissophobia because of how many scenes there are involving giant wasps.

Final rating – 31/50


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