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Day Break Illusion anime review

50675lAkari Taiyou is an apprentice fortune teller living a peaceful life with her aunt, uncle, and her cousin Fuyuna until she is attacked in her room by a monster. After this she is brought in by the Sefiro Fiore organization after another close encounter with another similar monster. She soon learns that she is a magical girl with the power of the Sun tarot card which she inherited from her mother and she is destined to fight Daemonia, evil creatures formed by the tainted hearts of people. Also she has a strange power that no one else who can use the elemental tarot has ever had. Along with the other magical girls working for Sefiro Fiore who are themed off of tarot cards, she must fight the Daemonia and learn the truth about Sefiro Fiore and her strange power.

Screenshot (15).pngThis anime wasn’t the greatest and if you are looking to watch a magical girl anime I would recommend you look elsewhere. Though this series has the dark story-line, fun characters and abilities if a little cliched, and causes you to ask metaphysical questions about the ethics of the characters; there are many flaws. The animation during non action scenes isn’t the greatest. Many of the characters have twisted morals. The ending leaves a lot of unanswered question such as explaining what card the Tendou sisters use and what their powers are.

The best part of this series comes in its fight scenes, but even those could be better. The powers of the characters are used in interesting ways but as they don’t end up doing anything new or different throughout the course of the story even these interesting moves become boring. Also during each fight scene I wanted the characters to try something new in terms of fighting to see if it could save the people possessed by the Daemonia, but unfortunately that is not the purpose of Akari’s ability.

Screenshot (13)If you want to watch a dark serious show with characters who definitely don’t match this tone watch this show. If you don’t than don’t watch it. While I did end up enjoying this show there are a lot of things that could have been approved upon. One of these things is making it anything but a dark magical girl anime because to be honest those are overdone. I don’t recommend this anime, but if this review piqued your interest you can find it available to stream on Crunchyroll.

Final Rating – 30.4/50


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