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A book is a book

Disclaimer: May contain some ranting

I feel that comics and graphic novels should be available in school libraries in the same way as traditionally printed books are. A book is a book no matter how it is presented on the inside. By shaming kids who read such books you may turn them off of the prospect of reading and in this day and age where most people find sitting down and reading a good book too boring that is not something you want to do.

Reading different books can introduce kids to different viewpoints, beliefs, and ideas which will make them more open-minded, and considerate of others. Does it matter if the books they read happen to contain pictures instead of descriptions? No. It doesn’t because a graphic novel can introduce kids to the same things as a traditionally printed novel can.

I grew up mainly reading traditionally printed novels such as those written by Cornelia Funke and Christopher Paolini. The first graphic novel I ever read was the first volume of Bone by Jeff Smith. I read that series until the last graphic novel in the series was published and then I read the two spin off graphic novels. A few years later I was introduced to manga and I enjoyed reading those stories as well.

So yeah, comics and graphic novels have influenced my development as a writer as much as any of the other books I read. I book is a book. They all have characters, settings, and themes. They all show us things that we would not see without reading that book. The only difference is that graphics novels and comics have pictures while other novels do not.



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