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The Devil is a Part-Timer! anime review

50177The Devil begins to conquer all of Ente Isla with his vast demon armies when he is defeated by a hero. In order to escape he goes through a dimensional portal which ends up leading to Earth. Without magic and much of anything else the Devil who takes the name of Sadao Maou along with his loyal general Alsiel must find a way to survive in the strange new world. Sadao gets a part-time job at MgRonald’s in order to pay the rent which is where he learns two things: he and Alsiel aren’t the only Ente Islans on Earth, and conquering Earth by climbing the corporate ladder is what he wants along with also conquering Ente Isla.

Screenshot (18)It’s entertaining to watch the King of the demon armies live a mostly normal life on Earth. He goes through many of the same things as a typical part-timer trying to pay the rent on time. All the Ente Islan characters are entertaining and go towards developing the theme of how anyone can become an angel or a demon, even literal angels and demons. There are some fight scenes which are pretty cool, but there are very few of these. The thing that makes this series so popular is the great amount of humour that can be found in the interactions between the Sadao, Alsiel, and the normal human characters.

Screenshot (17)In terms of story it is pretty basic. There are some Ente Islan characters who fought against Sadao in the past but become confused when they find doing something so mundane with such enthusiasm. All of this leads to a disappointing ending, though not nearly the most disappointing ending I have found thus far. I highly recommend that you watch this anime, even if just for the comedy. You can stream it on Crunchyroll.

Final Rating – 45/50


One thought on “The Devil is a Part-Timer! anime review

  1. I really enjoyed this series. It played with its premise well, but I mostly like how the hero and the demon king eventually develop something cute between them.
    Also, seeing him weirdly satisfied with his job is strangely entertaining.

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