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Zombie Loan anime review

zombie loan posterMichiru Kita is a normal high school girl who wears glasses, except for the fact that she doesn’t need to wear glasses and has the ability to see the dark rings that encircle the necks of those about to die which act as guidelines for the scythe of a grim reaper. While acting as a gopher for her “friend” group she bumps into two guys in the school hallway who have black rings around their necks. These guys are Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana, two zombies who are working as zombie hunters for the business Zombie-Loan in order to pay off their own zombie loans. After these three meet the guys decide that they need Michiru to help them hunt zombies and they convince her to join them.

Screenshot (10)This is an older anime and this is made obvious by the art style used. All of the male characters have long twig-like limbs and hair that defies gravity, and the female characters are pretty much the same except the female characters don’t have scary looking faces. I am not a fan of this particular animation style, however I was more interested in the story to take much notice of this.

Screenshot (9)The story is great. I liked how certain aspects of the lore were explained later on. The problem is that this anime was originally only 11 episodes, and two episodes were added at the end as a DVD extra. There is way too much plot to fit into such a short series so when the series ended a lot of the story from the source manga was cut off and the series ended with an annoying cliffhanger.

Screenshot (11)If you want to watch a zombie anime, I would recommend not watching this one. Watch any of the several finished series. If you want to know what happens in this anime read the manga. You will get a lot more out of reading the manga than you would watching the anime. If you still decide to watch this anime you can find it on

Final Rating – 37.9/50



2 thoughts on “Zombie Loan anime review

  1. This was actually sounding kind of interesting and then you mentioned it ended on a cliffhanger. I really hate it when shows do that. I may still check it out at some point but not going to make it a priority given it doesn’t finish.

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