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Worldbuilding Tip: Decide minor setting details ahead of time so that nothing seems out of place

One of the first things you need to decide when worldbuilding is what exactly belongs in your world. For instance hallways lined with torches would seem out of place in a spaceship travelling through space. There would not be a gunshop in a world without guns. You need to pay attention to both the technology level of the people you are writing about as well as forms of technology that don’t exist in our world such as magic.

This will make it easier when you’re writing because you will have a rough idea of what exists in your world and what doesn’t, and therefore what settings and minor details belong in your world. I have been writing fantasy for a while and while I was writing the first draft of my current project that is set in my world the Fractured Empire I decided to include a cafe scene. This was when I wondered if there would be cafe’s in Ingrew. If you want your writing to go quickly decide these things before you write.


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