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The Ice Storm

The wind outside was blowing strongly as the little girl pulled the covers over her head. The soft pitter patter of rain echoed through the sleeping house. A stray branch tapped against the her window.

She shivered despite the warmth of the heater and her own body heat. Something was coming in. Something was coming to get her. She began to cry out of her fear.

A strong gust came sweeping over the house like a ghost. The girl leaped out from under her covers and ran down the hall to her parents room.

She shook her mother awake.

“Huh? What is it?” her mother sleepily asked.

“I’m scared. Can I sleep with you?”

“Alright. Come on in. But you can’t do this every night, okay?”

“Okay Mommy.”

The girl climbed up into the bed and slept the rest of the night away in the comfort that came from sleeping in the same bed as her mother.

The next morning everything was covered in a thin layer of ice.

Copyright loniangraphics

This was written as a part of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Writers need to write a piece of flash fiction between 100 and 150 words based on a photo prompt. The challenge post can be found here. Other stories related to the prompt can be found here.


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